Friday, August 5, 2011

Golden Rose 102

Hello again! Today's post is dedicated to my dear Kirsten who absolutely adores the chemically smell of (likely) non-big 3 free polishes. This polish brand is right up your alley, Kirsten!

Golden Rose is a somewhat little-known brand that originates in Turkey but can be purchased here in the USA (and elsewhere abroad, I'm sure) through They make some really pretty colors, but the smell can be a bit to deal with at times. Their prices, though, are the selling point: usually between two or three dollars! Can't beat that!

Unfortunately, they don't name their polishes, so we have numbers. This is Golden Rose Holographic 102, which is a light blue scattered holo polish.  It's a very pretty color even if it wasn't a holo, but the holo definitely makes me like it more! (My pointer finger is still out of the pictures for now, he's refusing to grow and I've put him in time-out.)

Flash to show the color (above).
No flash in "natural" light (above). You can see a little bit of the holo effect on my pinky finger towards the cuticle.
This particular polish was tough to work with because the bottle is so small (only 5 or 6 mL I believe) and the brush is also short, so getting polish on the brush is a task. Every time I needed more polish, I either had to tilt the bottle at a scary please-oh-please-don't-let-me-spill-this-everywhere angle or completely screw the cap on again. It was a little thick but not impossible to apply, but definitely requires some patience. This is three coats and it took some time to dry between each coat, and remember the PITA manner of having to dip my brush again? It made me nearly crazy which is why I stopped at three coats when it could have used a fourth.

What do you think? I loved the color despite the hassle of an application. I didn't get very good pictures of this because it took FOREVER to dry and a few hours after putting it on, whole nails kept getting smudged and I just didn't have the patience to re-apply for pictures when I was definitely over wearing it as my NOTD/



Lacquertopia said...

I hate it when the brushes are super short! But that's worth it for such a beautiful polish :-)

Amanda said...

Well, then keep your eyes out for my giveaway because I have a gray colored Golden Rose up for grabs!