Friday, August 26, 2011

ELF Mango Madness

*This is a scheduled post for today, as I'm away for the weekend! Please feel free to interact as usual, but my responses may be slightly delayed. I'll be back on August 28th!*

Hello there! Up for today's post is ELF Mango Madness (which reminds me of my favorite Snapple flavor..) which is an orangey pink color. Application with ELF can be tricky, but this one was actually not too bad! A little thin, but not unworkable. It dried really shiny (the picture below is without top coat)

Then I got a little bored and added Nubar 2010 on top, which is my first ever flaky polish! I really liked the way Mango Madness complimented the orange flash of flakies in 2010. Excuse the darkness in this picture, blogger makes my pictures dark sometimes and it won't correct it even if I re-upload?

Up close for detail:

What do you think of Mango Madness, 2010, or the combo?



Anonymous said...

I think the combo looks great!

Beanie said...

i think i like it better without the flakies, it still looks pretty cool though!

Kirshten said...

Beautiful COlor!! It looks great with the flakies!!

Jacki said...

lovely! I need to try these over an orange!

Miss L said...

I like Mango Madness and ther combo is ok too. I just wanted to order Mango Madness from e.l.f and they didn´t have it in stock :(

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies! I need to use 2010 more often!

Miss L, I got mine in a set, 5 polishes for $5... Target started carrying elf recently so you could check there if you live near one!