Monday, August 1, 2011

Hi, My Name is Amanda and I am a Polish Addict...

Hello all! I'm posting this late, late on Monday because I just can't wait! I came home and my Beauty Joint order was in, completing my trifecta of hauls! This entire post is dedicated to Kirsten at Glitta Gloves because she is a complete sweetheart who has been so helpful and sweet and friendly and funny and always reassures me when I need it. Oh, and she really loves everything that I bought, pretty much.

First up, I ordered Nfu Ohs from!

 Nfu Oh 63, 64, and 65 (and no, you're not seeing things: 63 and 64 are incredibly close even though 63 is supposedly pink and 64 is purple... but they're both still awesome!)

Then I got my haul from Slovenia from Dolores at Colorful Bottle. Words cannot even do this girl justice! She is such a sweetheart and I absolutely recommend swapping with her if you can: she's so helpful and friendly, and she has access to some amazing goodies! Thank you my dear, you made me so very happy!

 Here's what I got when I poured out the package:

Look at all that cautious wrapping! <3

Here it is all unwrapped:

Again, Blogger is stupid and flipped all these pictures so the labels will be top to bottom and you will just have to crane your necks to see them!

Above: Magnetic Shimmering Silver (holo! super super holo!), Magnetic Powerful Purple, Essence Black and White Make Me Holo topcoat, Catrice Dirty Berry, Catrice Purplelized, Ruby Kisses RNP132.

Left column: Essence It's Purplicious; Essence Magnetic nail polishes: Miracle Shine, Magic Wand, Mystic Wish, Hex Hex!
Right column: Essence Bella, Essence Hello Holo, Essence Circus Confetti, Essence Blair, Essence Julia.

Above: silver bag of candies, Puss in Boots magnet for the magnetic polishes :)
Left column: Florimar 010, Deborah Milano Love at First Sight, Deborah Milano Knock Out Violet, Essence Miracle Shine
Right column: Ingrid Cosmetics 351, Essence Edward, Essence Bella, Essence Hello Holo

Finally, the ones Kirsten will adore I'm sure: Kleancolors I ordered from!

Top row: Afternoon Picnic, Holo Pink, Twinkly Love
Bottom row: Chunky Holo Bluebell, Shooting Star, Blind Date
Top row: Leaves Jingle, Holo Green, Midnight Seduction
Bottom row: Sparkling Cosmos, My Valentine, Party Fever

Top row: Nyx Carnival (hey, who invited him to the Kleancolor party?!), Kiss Goodbye
Bottom row: Disco Ball, City Never Sleeps

Whew! That was a post-ful. What do you guys think? Any you want to see swatches of? Which is your favorite?



colorfulbottle said...

I'm really glad you are happy with your swap =). Now I can't wait to get mine =). I thought it will get here today, but I guess I'll have to wait for a while =)

Amanda said...

Thanks dear! I loved it all :) Can't wait for you to get yours!

Beanie said...

damnn, sweeet post!

Amanda said...

Thank you!