Saturday, November 5, 2011

OPI Rainbow Connection over Ingrid

Hi all! I told you that I livened up Ingrid 351 in my last post... and by livened up, I mean totally recreated and changed and you hardly see Ingrid anymore but it's okay because on top of her is GLITTER. This post should come as no shock to you: I bought the OPI Muppets multicolored glitter, Rainbow Connection. To nobody's surprise. (Actually, I bought two bottles, just in case... but let's not get into that now.) Anyway, I got so excited I decided to layer it over my Ingrid polish from my last post and show it to you that way, even though I built it up (mostly) to opacity. Below is two coats (with one touch-up "coat" to fill in patchy spots) and it was glorious:

In sunlight

*drools* Look at the glitterrrrrr
I absolutely love this polish. Is anyone shocked? *crickets* What do you guys think?