Friday, August 12, 2011

Zoya Reva

Hello m'ladies! First off, I hope all of you have accounts because they're once again treating their fans to some free polishes: buy one get two of your choice free! It ends today though so hurry! I picked Neeka, Savita, and Yara as my three and my boyfriend's mom is picking three that she'll let me swatch, so I'm excited! She already got hers, but I didn't get mine yet :( Hopefully today!

Anyway, I was inspired to try Zoya Reva since it's been sitting in my untrieds under my mounds of non-work appropriate polishes and, actually, I kind of just stuck my hand in the bottom of the bin to see what I'd pull out from underneath the glitter and holo. I'm glad Reva came with me!

Reva is a sparkly, glittery red. I believe it's cool toned, but I'm really just terrible with the whole warm vs. cool debate and I wear both because I just wear whatever I like and those damn temperatures can leave me alone! Hmph. Anyway, it kind of reminded me of the Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz and now I'm a bit peeved they didn't name this Dorothy. But whatever. I digress.

 With flash.

In "natural" light. (True color)

As you can see, Reva is one of those polishes that kind of glows from within. It was really sparkly and I wore it to work for a day or two and really enjoyed her. I'm not the biggest fan of red, but this one was nice and I'd definitely wear it again. It goes up in my top two reds with OPI Red Dazzle :) I think I just need glitter to make red better for me! LOL

What are your thoughts? Did you use your Zoya promo yet? What colors are you getting?



Kirshten said...

That red is so beautiful! I dont have a zoya account yet!! I'm definitely getting polishes now!

Lucy said...

Looks great! I love reds. Reminds me of China Glaze Ruby Pumps (currently on my feet)!

I used my Zoya promo - got Marina and Jem, but I have my eye on Yara!

Jacki said...

Very pretty color!!

Amanda said...

Kirshten- you needed an account before the promo started, but go sign up for one now because they do great promos like this all the time!

Lucy- let me know how you like Marina! I was debating that one for a while.

Jacki- thank you!