Monday, August 8, 2011

Holo Haul Skittle Swatches

Hello ladies, today I come to you with a serious warning. Caution: this post will contain many swatches of holographic polishes. If you are prone to fainting or lemming for polishes, I suggest you turn back now. Also, as you may have noticed from the title, I am feeling somewhat alliterative today, so watch out.

So between Nfu Ohs and my package from Dolores, I got five holographic polishes. And I have five fingers. Coincidence? Nope. So I decided to swatch some skittles to show them all off and also to point out the lack of purple-ness that is Nfu Oh 64.

Below on the thumb is Magnetic Shimmering Silver, pointer is Magnetic Powerful Purple (okay, these alliterations aren't me, the company really named them this), then middle is Nfu Oh 64 ("purple"), ring is Nfu Oh 63 and then pinky is Nfu Oh 65.

 Indoor to show the holo. (Powerful Purple is kind of a holo dud. Not linear, kind of scattered, still pretty. So when I had to sacrifice one of my fingers to hold the bottle non-awkwardly, Powerful Purple got the axe.)

 Here they are outside in sunlight, which shows the colors (and my streaky paint job on the pinky, that's what I get for doing this quickly in poor lighting) pretty well. You can see my middle three kind of all blend together and look like they're a series of the same color but, hey, maybe this is inspiration for a holo pinky purple ombre!

And finally, outside in the shade. Shows off the difference in the colors really well. PP is clearly violet purple, whereas 63 and 64 are pretty similar colors.

Favorites? Thoughts on 63, 64, or PP?



Lindsay M. B. said...

Gotta love those holos!

Amanda said...

Yes you do! Now that I own linear holos, I understand why people were so upset about Tronica!

duhnay23 said...

I NEED Nfu Oh in my life! suuuuch yummy holos! Any suggestions on a first one to try?

Amanda said...

Any of them are gorgeous, I would say 61 (silver) and 65 (light blue) are my favorites but I do love them all!