Monday, August 1, 2011

Boyfriend's Pick: Ulta Scene Steel-er and China Glaze Harmony

Hi ladies (and gents, possibly!) How is everyone doing today? It's Monday which is normally okay for me, since I like my job, but I hate Tuesdays and therefore dread Mondays... are any of you like that? I'm enjoying today though because none of my clients are coming (boo, no money) but it's giving me plenty of time to stalk my fellow bloggers who are at Cosmoprof! (By the way, this post is apparently going to be centered since Blogger won't let me align it left)

Today I'll be showing you Ulta's Scene Steel-er, a gunmetal gray metallic polish. I absolutely love gray polishes. I love gray anything. I fell in love at first sight. It was a bit brushstrokey, but nothing too unbearable, so I wore it for a day on its own. I'm sure this polish would be great for stamping!

Then, my boyfriend helped me pick out a Bundle Monster plate and color to stamp. He has great taste and picked China Glaze Harmony and BM 210. It was subtle, but really pretty and inspired me to let him pick more manis! Sorry for my awkward finger placement, I wanted to show how subtle the stamping was but then you couldn't see it at all so my ring finger is up a little and my pinky kind of followed... it was a mess, but it did show what I wanted it to! haha

Does your significant other pick your polishes or manis? Do you like this idea? Should I make this a regular blog feature? Isn't he adorable? (Oh wait, ignore that last thought...)


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Arlyn Parker said...

My hubby will help me pick out polish as long as I narrow it down to 3 first. I think he looks forward to helping me; but doesn't want to seem too eager.