Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Nicole by OPI Wear Something Spar-Kylie

Hey everyone! Happy Hump Day, hope your week is going well! It's weird being back to work for a normal work week after Thanksgiving break, but in a good way I guess - I need to make that moolah! Anyway...
Today I have NOPI Wear Something Spar-Kylie from the Kardashian Kollection (ew, I hate when people change letters to look cutesy like that). This is a lovely, medium pink which leans a little orange/coral. I used two coats and it was pretty easy application. Removal, however, was a nightmare, as you can all probably imagine. The pictures below are before top coat; this one was a top coat eater so it needed a few to get rid of the grittiness, but I don't mind some grit so I left it at just one :)

So there you have it! A glitter... how unusual for me ;)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Camera is Suspected of Fowl Play...

... in the slaughtering of photography of Orly's Fowl Play.

(Yes, corniest title ever. You should know to expect these sorts of things from me by now!)

Anywho, I have some swatches of Fowl Play for you today... it didn't play nice with my camera. It just couldn't capture the depth and gorgeousness. FP is (for those of you who don't know and may or may not reside under a granite stone) a deep red-leaning purple with all sorts of fun stuff going on: glitter, small flakies, more glitter... *ahem* My swatches below are three coats. Lots of people complained this formula was tricky, mine wasn't bad at all! I think I get lucky with these things sometimes :)

Sorry for the shadow... it only shows up in pictures sometimes once they're on my camera and I don't want to edit it out and make it color inaccurate :P
So there you have it! I hope most of you have picked this up but if not, I noticed my Ulta has a spot for it in its core line, so maybe it's here to stay!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Cult Nails Living Water

Hi ladies! My first real NOTD in what feels like forever... it's kind of strange to be posting nails again. What did you all think of BFF week?! I have some pretty talented, amazing blogger ladies in my life, right? I'm pretty blessed!

Today I have a Cult Nails polish that I received a while back during a promotion... I forget what it was. Living Water was one of the original nail polishes Maria made, and I loved it on other people but I don't love it on me. For some reason, it reads more vampy than I'd like it to and the glitter gets lost in translation... but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Below is two coats of Living Water, which is a very dark blue with lighter blue microglitter. These swatches are pre-topcoat to show you the true finish. Runty (my pointer) is making a guest appearance in the first picture so you can see just how short it is :(

Like I said, this is a gorgeous polish but on me it just gets lost IMO. Maybe you all like it on me more than I do; I'm my own worst critic! It's one I plan to hold on to and try again when I'm tanner, or thinner, or a little older, or in a certain mood... you never know when these hidden gems will suddenly strike you and look gorgeous!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Adopt A Polish

Hi girls, today's post is a little different... I was contacted by Nikki at Adopt a Polish asking me to help bring awareness to this site. You may have seen similar information on other blogs, but the gist is they post polishes, or even families of polishes, up for adoption and you can submit an application to adopt them. It's a fun site where you can win some great polishes and have a little fun. Here's the press release if you're interested in more information:

WORLD’S FIRST NAIL POLISH ADOPTION AGENCY: PARENTS NEEDED announces the world’s first adoption drive for in need nail polish, available for U.S. and Canadian applicants. Every day, thousands of nail polishes are abandoned or abused. They are not sticky or old, they are fine new polishes, stuck on a shelf because they are forgotten or out of season. All they desire is to be used, and maybe taken for a night on the town in return. 

“We have so many polishes who need a good family to take them in” said executive director Nikki Smith. “All it takes is filling out an application form describing how you can provide a better life for one of our in need nail polishes. We select the best application and take care of all the expenses, delivering your newly adopted polish directly to your door.” 

One current nail polish, Charleston, held back tears well describing his life, “I spent two years of my life stacked in a dark room crammed together with thousands of others just like me, hundreds pressing down on my shoulders at any given time. I’m a shimmer and I have never seen sunlight in my life. Oh and don’t get me started on CND Shellac, I just can’t keep going as long, why would any women want me” he continued. 

Please don’t let the agony go on any longer than it has to. The first round of adoptions closes December 31st. Apply to Adopt a Polish at 

About Adopt a Polish: is a not-for-profit organization funded by the people at Nail Polish Canada. We are grateful they’ve spent the time and money to set us up, but we know they only did it to look like charitable people. They are jerks! All they care about is selling you things. This entire organization was set-up by them to manipulate you. Don’t worry about us being influenced by them, we cash their cheque, move on with our lives, and get back to saving lives. We would never compromise out ethics by telling you to shop now at and take advantage of free shipping over $29.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

BFF Week: Amanda of MaD Manis

Hi gals! It's my last BFF week post and I'm a bit sad. :( It was so nice to see some manis that people thought I would love (and I did!) and see how tight-knit the blogging community can be when we aren't competing. Speaking of competing, the last post is by yet another blogging Amanda... but I love her anyway. Started BFF week with an Amanda, ended with an Amanda, all hosted on a blog by Amanda... go figure.

Hello nail polish enthusiasts! Amanda is letting me invade her blog for the second time in a few weeks! She must really love me a lot :) Amanda is one of my very best blogging friends and when she asked me if I wanted to do a post for BFF week, I said "As long as I don't have to leap into your territory and do glitter!" (Not really). But seriously. I'm leaving the glitter to her because she's like Kesha and would probably throw it if she could (she DOES eat it....).

Today I have something similar to glitter, but not quite. It's China Glaze Snow Globe! I know you've probably all seen a million snow globe swatches but I haven't used it yet because I've been swamped with my 31-day challenge!

I put two coats over Revlon Perplex. I picked up Perplex on a whim last year when I saw it sitting all alone in a corner of Ulta. I was surprised no one had picked it up yet! Everyone was trying to get a hold of it, and little old me found it without even looking :) So I picked it up and took it home to join my little polish family.

Snow Globe is a flakey glitter goodness in a clear sparkly base. It's pretty much like spreading glue all over your nails so if you want this one to be glass smooth, you'll want to use a few coats of SV or Gelous. I don't mind a rough texture (as long as there's not shards of flakey particles sticking off my nails to snag on things) so I just used one coat of Seche Vite. Voila!

That's all! Thanks again Amanda for letting me invade your blog....again :) Hope you all have a fabulous week and remember everything that you're thankful for!

Amanda #2   

Thanks hun, great post! I have this polish myself and I adore it! Love love loveeee! 


Friday, November 25, 2011

BFF Week: Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail

Hi all, I'm blessed enough to have ANOTHER guest post this week and another girl I'm thankful for. Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail is new to blogging, but has such a big heart and presence, especially on twitter. She's such a doll to talk to, so I highly suggest you go check her out! I'm excited to bring you this post on Black Friday because this is exactly the opposite, and that's a nice reprieve from the crazy holiday shoppers!

Hi everyone! It’s an honor to be able to do a guest post for the Nail Polish Enthusiast! Amanda is a great friend of mine, and her blog is one of my favorites so I hope that you all enjoy what I have for you today!

Let me start out by saying that I absolutely LOVE snow! I live in Cleveland, so we definitely get our fair share here. My favorite thing about the holidays is waking up in the morning to a fresh coat of white, sparkling snow on the ground. I decided to base my manicure today on that experience.

For a snow-inspired manicure, I knew that there was one polish that I absolutely HAD to use – Lynnderella Snow Angel, of course. Snow Angel is one of my favorite polishes that Lynn makes – by hand, might I add. What an amazing lady. Anyways, Snow Angel has small white square and hex glitter in a clear base.  I also added one of my favorite glitter polishes to add the sparkle, Cover Girl City Lights, an amazing micro holographic glitter in a clear base. Underneath it all, I used Essie Marshmallow, a sheer white.

This manicure has 7, count them SEVEN coats of nail polish! It’s probably the most coats I’ve ever used on a manicure before. I did two coats of Marshmallow, 2 coats of Snow Angel, 1 coat of City Lights, and 1 more coat of Snow Angel. I used a coat of Seche Vite on top, and I had no problems with dry time at all. In fact, I’ve had manicures with far less coats of polish have a hard time drying. They key here is that I used VERY THIN coats.

I just love how it turned out! So sparkly and ethereal, like a fresh bed of snow on the ground, untouched and perfect. All three polishes that I used in this manicure are sheer, so they were spectacular for layering. I am definitely going to do this again and again for the wintertime.

So here are the pics of my sparkling snow manicure! Don't forget to click on the photos to see the detail enlarged =)

These first three were all taken outside in natural light, to show the awesomeness of the glitter in Lynnderella Snow Angel.

The rest were taken indoors, to better show the holo sparkles lurking underneath.

Hope you all enjoyed and thanks so much for stopping by!

Jacqui =)

Thanks Jacqui! What a lovely polish, I may need to get my hands on this in addiction... ahem, addition, to the six other Lynnderellas I recently bought ;)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

BFF Week: Nicole of Nightly Nails

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! Hopefully you're reading this while smelling some delicious food cooking... yum.... Today is another person I'm thankful for on this blogosphere, my good friend Nicole from Nightly Nails. Nicole is someone I was originally intimidated by; she's one of the original bloggers to me, but she never comes off that way. She's so happy to talk to you on twitter and be honest and helpful and sweet. Okay, I'm gushing, enough and onto Nicole's post!

Hi everyone! Amanda asked me to do a guest post for her, for her BFF week. *fangirls* Amanda is SUCH a sweetie! So I put on my thinking cap, but in the end it turned out to not be hard to come up with something awesome for her, since I know she's a glitter addict.

I recently got OPI Grape, Set, Match and Servin' Up Sparkle. I pulled this pair out and thought, well, Servin' Up Sparkle would make a great glittery tip for Grape, Set, Match. Right? Right!

Now, when I first saw pictures for this, I really wasn't that interested. I didn't think I absolutely needed Grape, Set, Match. It's pretty, but was it something I had to have? Probably not. So when I put it on, I was utterly astounded at how awesome it is. Let's see if I can describe it for you.

You know how China Glaze has the famous glass fleck finish? That's what this is, grape glass fleck goodness. This is a perfect mid toned purple jelly with glass fleck shimmer throughout. It has a blue flash. This is pretty opaque at three coats, too. After it dried, I dabbed a bit of Servin' Up Sparkle onto my tips and cleaned off the brush, and then dragged the glitter down my nail. I added a bit more at the tips for super sparkle effect. Servin' Up Sparkle is a clear based jelly with both small and large holographic glitter. The large pieces are hex shaped.

So, I hope this is suitably sparkly enough to grace Amanda's blog! Thank you Amanda, for asking me to be your guest. I hope you all enjoyed it!

This is, of course, perfect for my blog! Don't you all agree? Thanks Nicole!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

BFF Week: Steph of Imperfectly Painted

Good morning or afternoon or whatever time it is as you read this! I have another one of my BFFs today for you: Steph from Imperfectly Painted. Steph is a shy but incredibly sweet girl; we talk just about every day and I cherish our time together... we even have nicknames, but if I told you, I'd have to kill you and I just like you too much. Anyway...

First off, I want to thank Amanda for letting me guest post on BFF week! Amanda and I have become good friends, and it means a lot to me that she chose me. One of the conversations we had recently along with some other bloggers was about the China Glaze OMG collection. I was able to get half the collection in 2009 before they acheived their HTF status. I'm kicking myself for not getting the other half then, but hindsight is always 20/20. I figured since it's BFF week it would be suitable to show you China Glaze BFF!

BFF is a medium pink linear holo.

One of the polishes Amanda mentioned she like was s China Glaze LOL, so I added it as an accent to my BFF manicure.

LOL is purple linear holo.

The cornball in me can't help but think that when you're with your BFFs you share many LOLs. I know corny, but true! I think this manicure is definitely fitting.  I hope you like this holo-rific post. Thanks Amanda! 

Imperfectly Painted
 Man, do my friends know me or what! Glitter and holo and purple all week and all the things and people I love; this is no exception. Thanks for this lovely post, Steph, and I'll forever be jealous of your OMG holos!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BFF Week: Dana of Polished Claws Up!

Hi guys! I'm having technical difficulties on Blogger today, so if this post looks weird I'm sorry! Another one of my blogging BFFs agreed to post to help me this week! Dana of Polished Claws Up is one of the first bloggers I really got close to (close enough that we even text!). She's done a guest post for me in the past so this isn't the first (or last) you'll be seeing of her!
Hello Lacquered ladies! It's Dana from Polished Claws Up! 

Today I have the honor of doing my second guest post for my lovely friend Amanda. Since I started my blog one of my favorite things about the world of polish has been the friends I've made. Amanda has become a GREAT pal of mine in the polish community and she's one of the sweetest girls I know! :P Today I thought I'd pick a polish I know she would love for my guest post on her blog - I bring you Revlon's Glitz & Glam from this winter's Spice It Up collection. 

If I know anything about Amanda - it's her undying love for all things glitter! I actually got a pleasant surprise with Glitz & Glam, I thought it would be a polish suited for layering only, but turns out it has a pink base and became opaque in two coats only! I'm in LOVE! 

I hope you all enjoyed my post! <3 -Dana

Dana, you know me too well! I'm drooling over here ;) What do you ladies think? It's a hit in my book!


Monday, November 21, 2011

BFF Week: Mandy of MandysSecrets

Hey everyone... continuing with BFF week is Mandy from MandysSecrets. Mandy (who is, by the way, not an Amanda!) is a beauty blogger who is my go-to makeup advice person. She's super knowledgable, friendly, and down-to-earth. Just talk to her on twitter and you'll see what I mean! We've had the opportunity to get to know each other pretty well through our crazy cat lady group and I look forward to our chats... without further adieu, Mandy, take it away!

Hey everyone! First of all, I'd like to say thanks to Amanda for letting me invade her blog today! I wanted to swoop in and completely redecorate the place, but she put her foot down.. so I guess I'll settle for just controlling her post. :) 

Today I have Zoya's Savita to show you. Amanda told me this was a polish she doesn't care for, so I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to show it some love. Savita is originally from the Matte Velvet collection and is quite possibly one of my all-time favorite purples.

It's a rich royal purple with a pinkish-purple/gold shimmer. Application was flawless, like with all Zoya polishes. Two quick-drying coats, and my nails were matte perfection. But if you know me, you know I'm not someone who can leave well enough alone..

Here's what happens when you top Savita with a top coat.. the pink/purple shimmer really comes out and just looks stunning. While it's not the most unique shade out there, it has a luxuriousness to it that I can't help but love.

Which way do you like Savita better: matte or shiny? I still can't decide!

Again, many thanks to Amanda for inviting me over to play.. I hope you're all enjoying your week so far!
♥ M

I must say, I love this polish on Mandy! I think I like it best shiny, but it's really great either way. Maybe it just didn't go well with my nail shape or skin tone or something. Anyway, I hope you guys liked Mandy's post and stay tuned for more of my BFFs this week!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

BFF Week: Amanda of Fashion Footing

Hey guys! This is the first post in my series this week: BFF week! I'm going to feature a guest post from my best blogging friends all week :) I thought this was really fitting for thanksgiving week since friends are one of the things I'm most thankful for :) I hope you all enjoy this series!

Today I have a post from Amanda from Fashion Footing. Amanda and I have a lot in common (including our name!) such as our undying love for glitter, nail polish, and blogging; but she is also a sweetheart I've had the pleasure of getting to know on twitter. Enjoy her post and check her out!

First off, thanks Amanda for letting me do this post! I'm so excited! This is my first one and I hope you like it!  I feel like Amanda and I are polish soul mates.... we like a lot of the same things, as long as they have glitter :-p

I have a nice fall combination for everyone today. Hopefully it feels like fall where you are, or you are at least in the fall spirit.

I started with a base coat of Barielle's Unraveled Rust. This is exactly that: a rust color. It is much prettier on that I expected! This was a super deal at Ulta a while back and my first (and so far only) Barielle. I only used one coat, because I knew I was going to put some shatter over it.

Here is Unraveled Rust. 
Then I layered the shatter over it. I got this at JCPenney a few weeks back; the OPI's were BOGO 50% off, and I had a few coupons so it was a fantastic deal :-)
I like this combination. It is perfect for the fall, don't you think? Warm and earthy but not a plain manicure. I don't do plain very well, lol! It seems a lot of people are over the shatter trend, but the different colored shatters do help to punch up a plain manicure a little bit, without taking a ton of extra time to do! Simple and flashy = A-Okay with Me :-)

Talk to you soon!
What do you all think of Amanda's post? It's a great post, to me, because it's a color I don't own and wouldn't normally buy and totally reminds me of Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

In Honor of Breaking Dawn... Nox Twilight Sugar Plum

Hi out there in TV land... errr, internet land! Sorry for my sporadic posting again, im still not back in my house 100%.

Anyway, Breaking Dawn is coming out tonight at midnight! Yours truly will be there, of course! I bought the tickets months ago so the anticipation has been building and building, so I'm pretty excited at this point. This is actually an older mani (from last week) but I decided to save it for this occasion. :)

Sugar Plum (I don't understand why none of the names of this collection are even vampire or Twilight related, but whatever) is a lovely purple shade with blue shimmer, which almost makes it look like a duochrome. Again, ignore my missing pointer finger who is still on the disabled list.

I used two coats and it applied really nicely. I love the formula and brush on these polishes. See you on the flip side, after the movie!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nubar Absolute

Hi ladies! How is everyone doing today? Sometimes I feel like I don't give you guys a good introduction to my posts. Do you like a little small talk or want me to just jump right into the polish?

Today I have for you one of my first ever Nubars (the second shown on this blog, with the first being 2010). Nubar Absolute is a light blue scattered holo and I picked it out to wear to a baby shower (obviously, she's having a boy). I really only had one picture come out decent but it wasn't even my favorite (and yes, I cropped my pointer out because it's nubbinized again, le sigh).

As you can see, Absolute is a perfectly nice color. However, it took forever to dry. For-ev-er (read that like the kid in the Sandlot for best effect). Hence the huge dent on my ring finger. And it was insanely sheer, this is four coats and you can still see some VNL. It's also not very holo-y, even scattered holo-y.

So, overall: meh. I decided to swap it away to someone who will give it a good home.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wet n Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer + glitter

Hey ladies! Another late post today, I'm sorry. I stayed at my boyfriend's house again and didn't have anything saved up to show you, so this is hot off the presses!

I started this mani off with two coats of Wet n Wild's Buffy the Violet Slayer, which is a very vibrant violet. It was really easy to work with (I love WnW's brushes, even though I think they're a bit too stiff) and it was pretty shiny on its own (below is no top coat).

Then I added glitter because it was a weekend and I figured "why not?", so I put Color Club Wish Upon a Rockstar on top. WUAR is a multicolored glitter featuring large pinky-silver hex and smaller glitter in red, aqua, silver, green, and gold.

Lots of people were disappointed by this collection by Color Club but I loved it! Yes, the glitters are large and kind of tricky, but nothing unmanageable and I'm glad to see a glitter collection out! This one was, of course, my favorite and I bought two bottles. Just in case.

What are your thoughts? What other colors could I have paired this with?


Friday, November 11, 2011

Teeny Tiny Sally's Haul

Hi all! Sorry for my absence... I had some, err, house problems and had to vacate for a few days. But I'm back again. As long as no more storms knock out power or things kick me out of my house, we're back on track!

Above you can see that I've been doing some haulin'. This was actually a complete accident: I went to Sally's for FingerPaints Fun-fetti only to discover it's an online exclusive. I couldn't just leave empty handed! So Sally's had the holiday displays out and I picked up the following:

Color Clubs from the Scent-uous collection: Kiss Me Mistletoe, Very Merry Berry, Sugar Plum Yum

Orly gift set including Sweet Peacock, Lucky Duck, and Fowl Play (and a bonus wristlet!)
So it was a good trip overall! I was especially excited for the glitters and Fowl Play, but the wristlet and accompanying Orlys are pretty :) I already wore Fowl Play, so you'll be seeing that soon!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

Hey ladies, seems like forever since I've participated in Pink Wednesday! I have for you OPI Chapel of Love. Blogger flipped ALL my pictures for me (um, thanks? but not really?) so they are all tilted awkwardly if you think my hand is actually holding the bottle this way haha. Anyway...

Here's Chapel of Love in natural sunlight at three coats.

Then, being the glitter fiend I am, I added accent nails of Color Club Backstage Pass, which is a chunky purple and silver hex glitter.

Here's a close up... ignore the fact my stupid middle finger got dented.

Please excuse the cuticles - blegh! These imperfections are so clear on camera but I don't even notice them IRL!

I liked this color combo, I struggled for a while on what color to wear this over, but I think pink works so well with it without being super over-the-top girly. Thoughts?


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest Post: Amanda from MaD Manis

Hi ladies, today I have a guest post from Amanda (isn't her name awesome? Great name!) from MaD Manis. She and her mother, Melissa, blog together and I just love that idea! Amanda (and Melissa, for that matter) is an incredibly genuine, sweet, and kind person who I've had the pleasure of getting to know through twitter, facebook chat, and our common love for our kitties. Meow! Anyway, on to her post for today, China Glaze Trendsetter.

Hello all!
I know I'm late to the party on this, but I just got some of the Metro colors recently. This is the one I was most excited to use so I thought I would share it with my fellow Amanda's readers!

Trendsetter is an awesome yellow-green mustard color with teeny tiny shimmer in it. It honestly kind of looks like the color of baby diarrhea.. that's the best way to describe it. It's one of those colors that's super, super ugly but still interesting  at the same time.
This one definitely got some weird looks. It's one of those colors that you either love or hate. I happen to love it because I'm a nail polish freak and I like anything weird and unusual, but I know some *normal* people don't have the same sentiments. :)

Application on this one was awesome! Pictured is two coats. Perfect consistency - no cuticle flooding or streaking. Really just perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better application. It makes the swatches look that much better!
I tried to think of some cool nail art to add over the top of this, but I think it's one of those colors that works better when left alone. It's definitely out-there enough as is, don't you think? I think adding to this would just be overkill and way unnecessary. 
I don't think I've ever seen another color like this. So if you like this one, I highly recommend going out buying it. It's just so unusual that I think every collection needs it!

What do you lovely ladies think? Yay or nay? It's definitely not for everyone!

Thanks, fellow Amanda! I'm glad to see this color on here because it's a) not a color I own and b) not a color I feature very often (if ever) since I avoid mustards, browns, and basically, non-glittery colors... although, this one looks great on you, Amanda!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Colors I Do Not Like: piCture pOlish Sparkle

Hey ladies... Today is a sad day, because I have a sparkly, glitter polish that I don't like (loud gasp). Those of you who know me well know that I am a sucker for anything glittery, and so this seemed like no exception: Picture Polish (I refuse to keep typing it the confusing way) Sparkle:

Sparkle is a lavender purple frost with multicolored sparkle microglitter throughout. My problem with this polish? Where do I begin? The color is terrible on me! It looks like death hands on me, which isn't appealing anyway. Add to it that the color washes me out and the frost finish, ugh. It's actually a really gorgeous color in the bottle and on other people... but just not on me. So it will go to live on my swap list for the time being until someone else sees it and wants it and it will go to a new home to be appreciated.

However, I do want to add this: I got this polish in a swap on MUA and I must say, the swapper was so generous. We agreed to swap this and another polish, and she ended up also sending Picture Polish Jealousy and some other goodies! It was so generous of her, and if she's reading this: THANK YOU. I totally appreciate lovely people in this world like her and I hope she's not offended that the color didn't look good on me, but I love the thought and generosity. <3


Sunday, November 6, 2011

OPI Avojuice Lotions

Hello out there! Today I want to show you guys one of my favorite products: OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers lotion. This is my favorite moisturizing lotion for my hands and nails. This happens to be my favorite (or possibly second favorite, to their apple) scent as well: Raspberry Violet. I bought this at Ulta for about $8 for a 6.6 ounce pump.

This is the consistency, right out of the bottle, as shown on my wrist. It's kind of thin, which I like because it absorbs quickly.

This is it rubbed in right after.

And this is it, about 15-20 seconds later.

You can see it absorbs SUPER fast, and my skin definitely looks more hydrated. The scent is pleasant, and they have a lot of unusual scents (not your typical vanilla, apple, etc.) that combine two things that I normally wouldn't pair together, but go very well; including raspberry violet.

Do you guys use this? What do you use to hydrate your hands and nails?