Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Little Pink Wednesday: Water Marble & a Handy Tip!

Hello again my dears! This isn't all pink but contains pink and has a handy secret so it counts, right? :) Today I'm going to share with you a water marble I did, which is the first ever featured on this blog. And, I have a super secret tip I'm going to share with all of you to make water marble cleanup a little easier!

First, I started off with Sinful Colors Show Me White (I think that's the name, I'm just really too lazy to check right now! haha). Cleanup is nonexistent here since I knew a bigger mess was coming, and I left it at one streaky coat since I really just needed a base color to prevent my other polishes from being too sheer.

Now for my super-duper secret recipe for easier cleanup: Vaseline. Yep, you read that right. (PS, I'm fairly certain I'm the first to use Vaseline, but if you've seen this on another blog, feel free to let me know so I can link to them as well - great minds think alike!).

What I do is I take the tub of Vaseline and use a Q-tip to spread it around my finger up to, and including, the cuticle. This serves a double purpose: first, it moisturizes your cuticles, and second, it makes cleanup a breeze!

Here's my thumb after a dip in the dish. Once all my fingers are dipped and decently dry, you can just wipe the Vaseline off with a paper towel and the mess goes with it.

As you can see above, if you miss spots with Vaseline, the polish still sticks, but you can keep your nails fairly clean and use the other end of the Q-tip in nail polish remover to get the rest.

Anyway, that's my technique. As for the colors I used: Ulta Flamingo, Color Club Pucci-licious, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, and China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Some of my fingers didn't come out as I would have liked (I usually dip a whole hand and decide what pattern I liked best and re-do if necessary), so I took the polish off and decided to do skittles of the colors I used on those fingers with the rest as the marble:

On my thumb is Four Leaf Clover, middle is Flamingo (loved this polish, by the way), and ring is Pucci-licious. I don't usually do skittle manis, especially with such bright colors, but it was the weekend so I could be crazy with my nails! What do you think?



♥ Claire ♥ said...

That's so lovely!

Amanda said...

Thank you :)

Lacquertopia said...

Looks BRILL! I use Vaseline too, great minds think alike ;) It's so much easier than tape and I like wiping it off my fingers, even if that's a little weird haha..

Wish I could marble as well as you can!

Amanda said...

I like that is has the dual purpose of moisturizing my cuticles :) It is kind of appealing taking all that mess off in one swipe! haha And thank you, this is not my best effort by far!

Kirshten said...

Best Water Marble I've evr seen!

Jacki said...

these colors look awesome together!!

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies! I'll try to do some more water marbles soon :)

Arlyn Parker said...

I REALLY love these colors!! It reminds me of a cruise ship and all the fun colors they have!!!