Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday is for Lovers: Edward & Bella

Hello ladies! I have a  couple of beauties for you today, and one of my favorite combos. In my Slovenian swap, I got the Essence Twins, Edward and Bella and boy, am I enamored. But, ladies, I have a confession. It wasn't just the color that drew me in. I'm a Twilight fan. There, I've said it. Judge away. But it's important that this doesn't effect our relationship... ;)

Anyway, here's Bella on her own. A gorgeous, medium toned blue-ish teal creme that is a careful one coater or, if you're like me, a two coater to even it out. This is with no top coat over it and it just looks so squishy and shiny!

And here's Edward on top of Bella (ha, ha, couldn't resist.):

And a close up to show the small silver glitter and larger square blue glitter in Edward:

What do you think? I'm in love! I wish I'd gotten all the twins sets!



Kirshten said...

Edward and Bella is sooooo beautiful!! I want this so bad!!! But I dont know where to get them lol
It looks beautiful on you rnails. :)

Jacki said...

I am just dying all over again each time I see this swatched! LOL i WILL own this one day. Thanks so much for sharing, from another Twilight fan ;)

Amanda said...

I think Essence is more popular in Europe so I would try a swap overseas for them. They are so worth it! Thanks!

I'm glad I'm not the only Twilight fangirl. I'm barely a fangirl, I'm a fanwoman lol!

Anonymous said...

Awesome combo!

Amanda said...

Thank you! And thanks to Essence for creating duos that work together and taking the guesswork out lol

Beanie said...

this color is so pretty, i don't know if i really like it with the glitter though. but the color is awesome!

Amanda said...

Thanks Beanie! I want to try the glitter over other polishes too and see what I like it best over!

Arlyn Parker said...

I am IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a Twi-hard too; but these colors are AWESOME!