Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guest Nails: Sarah Edition

Hi lovelies! This post is dedicated to my lovely friend Sarah who lent me her nails for an evening so I could show you on my blog :) You may have seen Sarah comment as "smileviolet" so feel free to say hi or compliment her on her lovely nails and painting job!

Anyway, I dug out my stash and let Sarah pick, and she decided on Mad as a Hatter (thanks again Jamie!). I told her she probably needed to layer it, and we collaborated to decide on Color Club Alias as her base color with two coats of MAAH on top.

There you have it! I think Alias was the perfect choice. Both had the same purpley-grayish base which made them blend in together and covered up any bald spots MAAH may have left on its own. Sarah really enjoyed it and couldn't stop looking at them! I think they are pretty traffic stopping! What do you think?


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Jacki said...

So pretty! Wish I had this glitter!