Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rest of My Recent Haul Skittles

Hello again my lovely readers :) How is everyone today? I decided to skittle swatch the rest of my recent hauls and I realized a few things: 1. I am obsessed with nail polish. I know, I know. Who saw this coming? Well, apparently not me when I ordered like 700 polishes all in a week and actually verbally yelled YES! in my front yard when I saw a package. 2. I like purple, a lot. It replaced pink as my favorite color, I think. At least in terms of nail polish... Anyway.

Left to right, starting with thumb is: Catrice Dirty Berry, Ingrid 351, Essence Bella, Catrice Purplelized, and Deborah Milano Knock Out Violet.

Then, because I had about 900 glitter topcoats I ordered, I added those on top. From left to right, starting with thumb: Essence Circus Confetti, Essence It's Purplicious, Essence Edward (aw, Edward and Bella), Essence Black and White Make Me Holo (which, as you can see, did not make it holo, but did give it a cool pearlized effect), and Ruby Kisses All Purpled Out.

Finally, I decided to try out my Essence magnetics and the final polish that I couldn't fit elsewhere. The magnetics are cleaned up kinda, well, crappily, because I was so busy trying to get the magnet to them to get a pattern with no luck.

Left to right, ending with thumb: Essence Magic Wand, Mystic Wish, Miracle Shine, and Hex Hex!, then Deborah Milano Love at First Sight.

And because I still had more glitter topcoats, here are the metallics with glitter. Left to right: Florimar 010, Essence Hello Holo, Essence Julia (Kirsten, it's SQUARE GLITTER), and Essence Blair.

In conclusion, I'm in love with Essence and everything they do.

If you made it this far, kudos to you! Do you guys like the pictures of the bottles, or is it too much? I like seeing them because, well, they're sparkly. And pretty. And I like pretty and sparkly and colorful. But is it too much for you, as the reader and not as me, the blogger who is obsessed with glitters?



marina by the sea said...

I love the bottle pics! Keep it up. Those polishes are all such great colors. Are you in the US? I can never seem to find any of the cool Essence polishes at my Ulta. :(

Amanda said...

I'm glad you like the bottles, I think they're so cute and pretty haha! The Essences I actually got from my friend Dolores who lives in Slovenia. To date, I've never found any of the fun ones here in the US either, I think they're primarily in Europe... :(

Kirshten said...

I love the bottles!! You have so much nail polish!! :O

Amanda said...

Thanks! My stash was up to about 250 when I was keeping track, I'm sure it's up to 325-350 by now!