Saturday, August 27, 2011

Magnetic Shimmering Silver

*This is a scheduled post for today, as I'm away for the weekend! Please feel free to interact as usual, but my responses may be slightly delayed. I'll be back on August 28th!* update: looks as though I'll be home tonight since the hurricane is going to hit here badly. I may be without power Sunday and/or the days following so if you don't hear from me, that's why!

Hello my dears! How is everyone today? My NOTD post for today is a beautiful, holographic polish by Magnetic, called Shimmering Silver. Let me start by saying this polish is gorgeous, and I loved it, and my friends loved it... wait. My friends? Okay, okay, I did this mani while with my friends. Drinking. So maybeeee it's not my best application. Maybe it needed another coat. Maybe it needed better lighting. But can't we just get past that and enjoy the prettiness? If you are angry with me for the nails, please feel free to refer to the bottle for the true gorgeousness of this polish and how much I adore it. :)

So the moral of the story: don't drink and polish. This has been a PSA by Amanda, the Nail Polish Enthusiast.



Anonymous said...

very pretty!

Amanda said...

Thanks dear!

Kurisutiina said...

This is so pretty! Where can you buy Magnetic brand nail polish?

Amanda said...

Europe, I think. I got it in a swap from my friend Dolores who lives in Slovenia!

Kurisutiina said...

oh...that's cool! But unfortunate. I couldn't find any on ebay. oh well!

Arlyn Parker said...

I am CONSTANTLY reminded not to drink and polish! It makes for a BAD manicure the next day!