Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Haulage!

Hello my lovely readers! Just wanted to give a friendly reminder to enter my 50 follower giveaway, which should be up in the right hand corner with my most viewed posts. There's lots of goodies you could win, so tell your friends and enter yourself if you haven't already!

Anyway, ending the self-promotion. LOL On to some of my recent buys! First off is an Ulta trip (which really, finding out I live within an hour of one of these was dangerous!):

Ulta: Alter Ego, Sweetheart Pink, The Jungle Look:

Then I found some Pop nail polishes, which is apparently a British company with some awesome polishes! These two were originally $10 but marked down to $5! The top is Foggy, bottom is Pink Glitz (again, blogger rotated the photo and I can't get it back - if anyone has a way to fix this pleaseeee tell me!). Pink Glitz is actually opaque in 2-3 coats, so I'm waiting for a blingy event to wear that one!

Then, I went into Christmas Tree Shops. I don't know if these are nationwide or a New England thing, but they're great! They have this huge cosmetics section with Color Club, Nicole by OPI, Orly, and drug store brands. On this particular day, I happened to check out their clearance area and found these two for $1.48 each!
Sterling Silver Rose and Pretty Please (I got Pretty Please for my BFF who is a light pink fanatic haha!)

Then! I had a swap with Dana from Polished Claws Up! She's a huge sweetheart and I was her first ever swap :) She's posted one of the goodies I sent her, but I think I may have made out in this swap! She included: Orly Lemonade, Orly Star of Bombary, Wet n Wild Diving for Pearls (from the HTF Mermaids Cove collection!), LA Colors Purple (no name?), Colorama Give Me the Chills (iridescent topcoat with whitish peach glitter that flashes red!), and Colorama Ruby Rays, one of her prized polishes! Ruby Rays is a gorgeous red flaky that I'm already in love with! Thanks Dana!

Then, I ordered a couple of polishes from The first is Jessica brand, which I haven't seen around on blogs but is Big 3 Free! So here's Jessica Witch's Brew, which ran me about $7 with shipping included and came in this adorable bottle:

 Inside it is black and orange bar glitter in a clear base! It looks awesome!

At my local salon, I picked up two of the OPI Miss Universe or Miss USA or whatever collection: Crown Me Already! and It's My Year. I was very close to grabbing another, but my salon has a special deal that only counts for buying two at a time, so I'm going to wait until there's another OPI that I want.

Then, in another Amazon order, I got China Glaze, Haunting. Sorry the picture is off center, but it was the only way I could get my camera to take a picture that showed the sparkles! In reality, this color is much darker, a very dark gray or light black with silver in it, but I wanted to show its sparkles instead. I'm excited to wear this one!

And finally, here's some swatches. First is OPI Flit a Bit (which I got on sale for $3.25 at my local salon!), Haunting (which has some orange showing through, ignore that, sorry! haha), no color, and the LA Colors purple with the Jessica glitter over all of them. I can't wait to try this for Halloween!

Sorry! This post was so long! Hope you guys liked the goodies! Which was your favorite?



Sarah said...

Very cool glitter polish!! :)

Anonymous said...

So awesome!

Jacki said...

Yay for a haul!!

Kirshten said...

Nica haul!! I love everything you got lol!!

jamie said...

I really like the Flit-a-Bit with the bar glitter. So Halloweenie :)

Amanda said...

Thanks guys! Halloween is my favorite holiday, so expect to see these kinds of polishes a lot :)