Monday, August 15, 2011

Appreciation Monday

Hello my dears :) I just got home from a Blink 182 (my boyfriend's favorite band) concert and I'm kinda wiped, but I wanted to make a quick post (which, in retrospect, is taking me longer than a normal post somehow). I'm taking a time out from polish this early morning because I just wanted to give some shout outs to some lovely ladies and blogs I'm into. Often in the blogging community, we take for granted the people who help us along the way, comment frequently, or are just sweet to us, so I wanted to take some time to honor those people for me.
  • Kirsten from Glitta Gloves: a sweetheart who helps me with all my newbie blogging questions. She's also a fellow holo/glitter fiend and co-founded Pink Wednesdays.
  • Jacki from Adventures in Acetone: Jacki and I met through the Facebook group, Polish-aholics Anonymous (which is awesome, by the way- go join!) and she's become one of my top commenters, which means a lot to me since she has a thriving blog herself and she's a stay at home mom! So thank you Jacki!
  • Emily of Embellished Nails: I found her through PaA also, and we discovered we actually live pretty close to each other! So here's to newfound polish addict friends who can go dusty hunting :)
  • Kirshten of KK Nails: she's another one I met on PaA and she's been commenting a lot as well! It means a lot to me to have people like Kirshten comment and realize my 37 readers (and growing!) are actually live people who take time to read what I have to say!
  • Dana of Polished Claws Up: she's relatively new to blogging, recently got engaged, and is a super sweetheart! I'm proud to say I'll be her first polish swap so I'm fairly excited to help her get involved with all my blogging buddies I've made!
  • Ellen of Lacquertopia: my British friend with a fellow love for Jersey Shore! She even dedicated one of her posts to a mani I kind of inspired, which you can read here. We started talking on twitter and this girl and I have so much in common! It's been great getting to know her!
  • Janna of Clever and Colorful: Janna allowed me to guest post for her while she's in Spain and is one of my first twitter friends. She's so nice and definitely worth checking out!
So thank you ladies! To anyone I may have missed, please let me know if you're reading and enjoying and I'll add you to this post or a future one I make. But know I am grateful and I'm looking forward to 50 followers and a giveaway so stay tuned :)



Kirsten Glitta Gloves said...

You're too sweet! <3 Any time you have a question I'll try to answer, I still consider myself a newbie too though!

Jacki said...

Awe, thanks for mentioning me, Amanda! It was such a nice surprise to be reading and actually see my name somewhere!! LOL. Hope you had fun at the concert!! xoxo

Kirshten said...

Awww thanks for mentioning me! And also congrats on 37 followers!! You are going to get to 50 followers in no time. :DD

Janna said...

thank you Amanda! You were one of my first twitter friends as well! Can't wait to do a guest post for you!