Saturday, August 13, 2011

Boyfriend's Pick: OPI Melon of Troy

Hello my loves! Quick post for today because, for some odd reason, I only took one picture of this polish and it isn't pretty enough to warrant re-swatching when I have a dozen Kleancolors I could be wearing :)

My boyfriend was sitting on my bed as I debated what color to paint my nails, as happens about once every three days with us, and I decided, again, to let him pick. He liked OPI Melon of Troy, which is a corally-orange, pink... okay, it's a melon color. It has a ton of shimmer to it, and for some reason my camera took that shimmer as "okay, let's have this polish look orange regardless of the lighting", so that's what I got. I really need to train my camera better.

So there you have it, a slightly-dusty OPI polish in my collection that I wore for approximately one day and took off. What do you think? Worth a second shot?



Emily said...

I like this color a lot! But then again, I'm partial to all things OPI. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Em! Feel free to borrow ;)