Thursday, September 15, 2011

Colors that Look Good on Short Nails: Part Une

Hey ladies! As I previously mentioned, my nails are a little bit nubbin-y lately because of my breaks. Never fear, I have been patching, applying strengthener, applying lengthener, and just plain hoping to get my nails back to a reasonable length. But for now, you get the great (please read this with a booming voice like you're at a wrestling match or something. Think of the voice they use to say "let's get ready to ruuuumbbbleeeeee") COLORS THAT LOOK GOOD ON SHORT NAILS series. And here's the first part: Ulta Mint Condition. This is two coats and no topcoat (yet):

See how shiny and pretty it is?! Even on my little nubs! I actually wasn't expecting it to look nice, since when I polled friends on twitter, everyone said to go with dark colors. However, I'm in denial that summer is over and I'm still using all my summer untrieds until further notice. And, because I only have one picture of Mint Condition for some unknown reason, here's a bonus picture of my kitty, Star:

She looks kind of possessed here because her eyes are this really bright green-yellow, but when she closes her eyes she's super cute (to me, because I'm her non-fur mommy) because she's totally black and nothing stands out. I've actually taken some pictures of my nails with her as a background because she's such a solid, opaque background... but then I have to deal with the fluffy fur all over me ;)

Oh, and yes, she's spoiled and sits on my kitchen table all the time. And she's too cute for me to punish her for it. :)



Tee Dee said...

This is lovely. My nails break all the time, so good to know what shades look best.

Madita said...

Gorgeous polish! My nails are super short at the moment, too. Now I want to wear mint green lol.

Also, Star is adorable! Give her a cuddle from me :)

Amanda said...

Thanks! Mine break all the time too lately so expect many more!

Star says hello! She's recently begun sleeping in my computer chair so we end up sharing it since she won't move lol

Anonymous said...

That polish does look great on your nails!

Amanda said...


hannah said...

hey whats the name of that nail polish?