Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Giveaway Winnings and Boyfriend's Pick: Zoya Noel!

Hello dear readers, I have great news! I won a giveaway from Mommy Does Her Nails and the prize was a Zoya of my choice! I picked Zoya Noel (I have a bad habit of ordering every polish I ever wanted from Zoya during their promotions, so naturally I had to pick a newer one!) and it came in recently.  She also sent me a Burt's Bees set for being so patient while the Zoya shipped to her :)

Here blogger goes flipping my pictures again...

I put Noel in my untried bin and asked my boyfriend what I should wear, and he picked it immediately. It was a good pick, too. Behold:

Zoya Noel, 2 coats in low lighting and no flash

I saw it in the bottle and thought "a metallic?" but when I put it on, it had so much depth. It reminded me of the consistency and look of the new magnetic polish trend we're seeing: lots of small bits of silver and blue within the color. It was truly gorgeous and I was very thankful my boyfriend picked it and MDHN sent it on to me! Thanks!



Anonymous said...

congrats on the giveaway win :D

Kurisutiina said...

your nails are looking really nice! that's a good length on you. this is such a fun color. contrats :)

serendipitously.create said...

It looks so fantastic! I was definitely feeling jealous when it came in (I ordered Midori and was thinking I should have doubled up on the Noel!) Incredible swatch and great boyfriend ;)

Amanda said...

Thanks! I'm glad to know my nails look nice even though I just had another break :( my boyfriend really does have great taste even though he kinda has to since he's only picking from my choices! Haha