Sunday, July 31, 2011

My First Splatter Mani

Hi my dear readers! My post today is inspired by Jen, The PolishAholic. She made the splatter mani famous and this is my rendition, although she has many others that are much better than this first attempt on my part.

For my splatters, I used Misa Baby I Love You, Ulta Celebutante, and Claire's Fresh Water over Sinful Colors white. I had a bit of trouble with my technique at first (this was initially going to be a holo splatter, but my holos didn't want to cooperate and I didn't want to waste them) but I got it to work with some other colors and the results were pretty cool! Here's both hands so you can see what I got:

For some reason, my right hand has a lot more white showing, but maybe it's because I did my left first and had perfected my technique. I really liked both middle fingers (ironic). I didn't tape my fingers off and boy, did I regret that when it came to clean up!

All in all, a really cool technique! Love the abstract-ness and the variety of colors and combinations you can use. Thanks Jen! I got so many compliments on this when I wore it! Once in a while, people will compliment me but yesterday when I had this on at least five people commented how cool it was and asked how to do it! Guess it's a hit (and a great way to get through untrieds)!



cideon said...

I like the colors you chose! It reminds me very much of artist shirts, in 80s movies, ya know? Very nice!

Can't get to the tutorial though, not sure if she's erased her blog?

Amanda said...

Hi Cideon! Thank you! Here's a direct link to the tutorial:

Arlyn Parker said...

This is really cool to do! It inspires me for an Easter mani!