Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Week Part 5

Hi girls! Quickie post as I'm trying to type and schedule as many posts as possible in case I lose power for an extended time. Please read my last post for some safety tips if you are in the area of Frankenstorm and stay safe!

Today's Halloween journey begins with Orly Decades of Dysfunction, which actually I wore alone for a day. This is almost mannequin hands on me, but a little pinker in real life. I compare it to the color of a piglet. This was two coats with Wicked Fast top coat and application was really easy.

Then I added Hit Polish Witches Brew on top. This is lime green, navy blue, and orange glitter in a clear base. It applied really easily! I'm also happy it had navy blue glitter and not the typical purple for Halloween.

What do you think? Sorry this post is quick and my pictures aren't 100% what they usually are. A bit stressed lately.



LacquerMeSilly said...

I have Witches Brew too! I love how yours came out cause you can really see all the pretty glitters in it. I layered mine of mysterious curse and although it was pretty the gorgeous blue glitter ended up blending in too much to see.

Fashion Footing said...

Piglet hands!!!!! So freaking adorable!!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

I always tend to go for bases that are completely opposite to any of the glitters in it. Sometimes (like this one) it pays off and other times it looks really silly and I see more monochrome versions with that glitter and feel like a fool!

PolishMePlease- Nicole said...

Aghhh I remember seeing this on Frosso's blog and seeing it on yours just adds fuel to the fire! I love it! It's kinda different and so pretty. I also really like it over that nude!

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Thanks! It's definitely a cute polish, I bet it'll be on sale soon for you to get next year... ;)