Monday, October 29, 2012


Hi all my lovelies! I know some of you are in the path of Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm (including myself) so I wanted to post something quick to say stay safe! Here's some of the tips I've been hearing, in case they might be helpful for you!
  • Fill up your gas tank; gas shortages may occur if flooding, outages, or road blockages occur.
  • Stay alert! Keep up with updates and the storm as much as you can without causing panic. Know about evacuations and safety precautions in your area. Also, be aware if you live in low-altitude areas that you may be at increased risk of flooding. Know where you could go should there be an evacuation.
  • Keep at least 1 gallon of water per day per person available. They're suggesting 3 days of water, though if you have anything but well-water you should be okay. 
  • Keep lots of non-perishables: it's a good excuse to stock up on snack foods you don't normally let yourself have (says the girl who has a bag of Cheetos next to her...). Also keep canned fruits and vegetables, which could be eaten right from the can if you didn't have a heat source.
  • Have a small emergency kit in an easily accessible place. Include flashlights, candles and a lighting source, an emergency radio (if you have one), and anything else you might need if the power goes out. There's tons of websites listing things you can include, but light is essential :)
  • Most importantly: stay safe! <3

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