Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pink Wednesday: Swatches and Review Styler Design

Hi girls! I'm writing this post at 11pm on Sunday so please excuse me if I sound a) depressed or b) sleepy, because I am both. (Depressed because tomorrow - today - is Monday, and that means I have a work week ahead of me starting today, boo!)

Today I am lucky enough to have some polishes sent to me by Sarah at Styler Design. Sarah makes really unique polishes and I'm really excited to show you what she sent me for review. Here we go!

Someone remind me to stop trying to be artsy with my photos.
 First up is Fire Dog, which is a clear base with black and white hex glitters. I layered this over my new Hits Hello Kitty collection Apple (I was seriously dying to try it, and this was a perfect opportunity).

Just Apple. It's so squishy and prettyyyy! 2 coats
 Then I added two coats of Fire Dog. The application on this was tricky because I had to do some fishing since the glitter kept settling to the bottom (you can see in the photos). Swirling the 3 balls inside helped a bit but the white ones were stubborn! I'm going to add some Fix a Flat and I think it'll perk it right up :)

But, I do LOVE the combination of this one. You may know from Twitter that I am constantly on the search for a good black and white glitter and this fit the bill. It was definitely unique in my stash, where I tend to have B&W glitter with bars, hexes, hearts, etc. and it was nice to see just a plain B&W hex one that will work over so many bases and let the color scheme really stand out. I loved it against Apple! It's also SUPER shiny!

Next up is Coral Splash which I LOVE. Coral Splash is a jelly base with multicolored small glitters in it. I applied two coats by itself (no base coat) and it went on like butter. It's basically an instant jelly sandwich. The glitter in this one was sparse at times but definitely makes for a fun effect and I loved it. I wanted to wear this as my NOTD but it didn't match my costume so I couldn't :( It'll be perfect for summer!

Finally, I have Kiley.  This is a sheer, jelly-ish pink base with varying colors of pink glitters in it. It reminds me a lot of Lex Cosmetics Tuilleries (which is a huge compliment, since, you know, Tuilleries was based on my color story!). This was really easy to work with. It self leveled so I didn't have any issues with bumps or globbing and it was very subtle; this could definitely work for work. I didn't know the best look so I layered it over different colors to show it in an ombre. Left to right (or pointer to pinky): over Mattese Elite neon pink, Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, Sinful Colors white, and 3 coats by itself.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Coral Splash was definitely my favorite of the three but they're all so great! Styler Design is available via her Etsy shop and are $8.75 for full size or you can buy 3 minis for $14.25.



Nailtopia said...

Gorgeous swatches, love them.

Amanda, Nail Polish Enthusiast said...

Thanks! <3