Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zoya Jo

Hey girls! The subtitle of today's post could be "A Polish I'm Not Crazy About, But Not Sure Why". I have for you Zoya Jo, which was one of my picks in the buy one get two free promo Zoya recently had (I love Zoya, their promos are awesome!)

Jo is a perfectly nice blue with a soft shimmer and is a color I would definitely describe as "gentle".

But for whatever reason I just wasn't in love with it and I had all these polishes out and, next thing you know... This Wet n Wild dusty Super Silver made its way on top. Super Silver reminds me of the sparkle in No More Waity Katie, and I think it could make some excellent frankens! I loved it as top coat, but I wonder what it would look like within another polish.

(PS Sorry this picture below is only two of my fingers. You may notice in the pictures above that my middle finger is about to rip off, which was already occuring but the acetone to take off my previous mani didn't do much for it and I just kept it long for these pictures and then it got chopped, because it was literally falling off, so by the time glitter came into play it was long gone :( Poor middle finger...)

Thoughts? Do you love Super Silver as much as I do?



Anonymous said...

I'm loving that second picture!

Amanda said...

Thanks! Lol even with the two fingers only! ;)