Monday, September 19, 2011

Pink Shatter

Hey girls! This post is coming to you via a request from Marisa at Lively Lacquer. I considered posting this before, but I thought everyone was burnt out on crackles/shatters - I guess not! haha Anyway, I did this over a nail wheel I already had painted from my previous haul with all my new polishes. I figured it provided a variety of colors and finishes to pair with the pink, so here we go!

First, a bottle shot, just to give you an idea of the color and consistency of Pink Shatter. I found this to be much thinner than the other crackles and shatters. My OPI Black Shatter is pretty much shot; it's totally goopy and almost solidified (I'm sure it could be saved with some thinner, but I don't have any of that!). Pink Shatter, no matter how long I keep it open or work with it, seems to stay about the consistency of a normal polish, if not slightly thinner. MUCH easier to work with!

The following are shots over various colors and brands from my recent haul in the previous post. If you have any questions about what polish is which, let me know, but it was too many to label each one.

Again, blogger flipped this one and I have no idea why. Please let me know if you know how to fix it!

My favorite combinations were over green (Jungle Fever), the black, and white. It was hard to see over most other colors, since Pink Shatter itself is kind of shimmery and sheer. I'm glad OPI finally got the formula on these right, but I think it's the tail-end of this trend and it may have been a bit late! In any case, it's a great shatter to have and it is in support of breast cancer awareness so I like that as well :) What do you think?



Emily said...

My black shatter is gross too! I almost can't use it. :( I didn't like how sheer this was, to be honest.. it seriously pissed me off. Maybe I need to give it another shot!

Marisa said...

It's gorgeous! I'm glad the formula seems better than in the older shatters.. I was having problems with one of my bottles getting gloopy bits in it ><

I think I may pick up a bottle of this the next time I go polish shopping. It looks pretty sweet over jungle fever and it's for a good cause too! :D

Marisa <3

Shannara said...

looks great!

Kirshten said...

This polish is super pretty!! And I dont know why blogger flips the pictures! it drives me insane when it happens! lol

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone! Emily, I hate goopy shatter so this was an improvement but definitely still imperfect being so runny. I wish they had it more opaque but c'est la vie!

Marisa, I didn't expect to like it over green but I do! I wish it went better over glitters :( oh well!

Thanks Shannara, I try! ;)

Kirshten it's making me crazyyyy that I can't fix it! Haha

nicelyvarnished said...

It kind of reminds me of Red shatter...sheer and jelly like. My black shatter is fine it's my silver shatter that's giving me use and it's shot and all goopy. Gross :/

Amanda said...

I only have this and black shatter, so it's like night and day for the OPI polishes!