Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick Little Update

Hey there, just wanted to check in with you guys so you know I'm alive. It's been a weird week for me. Lots of my clients are in over-drive (is it a full moon?) and I'm finally starting to get full-time numbers of clients, so it's been busier than I was all summer.

But the real reason I didn't post much this week is twofold. First, my nails broke again, so I'm working with a smaller canvas: Colors That Look Good on Short Nails is coming back with a vengeance soon (I hope). And secondly, I'm a bit down and feeling uninspired. The down part is probably mostly related to my boyfriend being MIA this week because his close friend from New Jersey is visiting. I'm not clingy by any means, but I'm used to seeing him at least 4-5 days a week, and this week I saw him in passing or for about an hour two or three times. So there's that, being busy, lots of time to myself (which is, ironically, all I wanted on my vacation but couldn't seem to get!), and thus, some mild depression (don't worry, I'm a trained therapist - I'm going to work on some self-psychology and fix me right up... soon.).

So anyway, I need some inspiration. I took some pictures today for the first time all week and I'm going to write posts this weekend, but please feel free to leave me some comments of anything you'd like to see here. I also added a poll for those of you who would rather click a button than write some words, but feel free to do both, neither, or one of those options. Looking forward to something inspirational, mindblowing, less depressing at the least. Thank you all for being so kind to me and supporting me always, and I promise I'll be back full throttle (Charlie's Angels 2... hope someone caught the reference - hey, maybe I AM going back to my old self...) ASAP :)



Sara said...

Awe I hope you feel better soon. I love your work inappropriate series and can't wait to see the colors for short nails. I wear my nails pretty short most of the time. Take care :)

Amanda said...

Thank you Sara! I will have some short mail posts soon :)

Kurisutiina said...

You could maybe do some comparison posts? Like of polishes you already own but are similar... Also, wondering if you have ever tried Kleancolor nail polish? I bought some Kleancolor holos on ebay for SUPER cheap! You could look into that to cheer you nail polish ALWAYS brightens my day!!