Monday, September 5, 2011

Transdesign Haulage

Hey, quickish post today because I'm just showing you gals the rest of the fun stuff I got from Transdesign (for now). I'm planning a giveaway at 128 followers... Details to come! Thank you all for following and commenting!

Below is Sation Holiday Spirit, Sation Marion Red, China Glaze Skyscraper, and New York Summer Glitter Fire Red Glitter.

And Amour Rain Glitter and Amour Blue Glitter:

Below are swatches of Fire Red Glitter, Marion Red, Rain Glitter, and Blue Glitter (I didn't include Holiday Spirit because it's for my next giveaway and everyone's seen Skyscraper already)

 Then, I got a few more Color Clubs: Covered in Diamonds and three from the Backstage Pass collection I have heard nothing about until I saw them on Transdesign and neeeeeeeded a few of them. These three are Wish Upon a Rock Star, Backstage Pass, and Fame & Fortune.

Left to right, one coat each: Backstage Pass (large purple and silver hex glitter, clear base; hard to get opaque and placement was tough but not impossible), Wish Upon a Rock Star (multicolor small glitter and sparse hex glitter), and Fame & Fortune (red jelly base with red-based flakies that flash pink and silver).

I'm really happy with all the polishes I got, I went on a bit of a glitter/holiday collection rampage but I'm not even mad about it. Thoughts?



Sarah said...

Great haul! I love those glitters!

Amanda said...

Thanks! Me too, I'm a sucker for anything glitter...

Anonymous said...

Awesome haul!

duhnay23 said...

Wow, amazing haul! My eyes were buggin out from all the glitter! LOL!