Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some More Hauls

Hi ladies! Do you guys like seeing haul posts? I post them pretty often but I'm just wondering if they are of interest or if it's better if I just stick to manis and swatches.

These are bottle pics then the quick and dirty swatches immediately below them in the same order.

I got these five mini glitters from etsy from a seller called Windestine. These were $8 including shipping and definitely worth it!

Above and below: Summer Love, Sunset Glow, Fireworks, Surf's Up, Pansy (one coat of each over a nail wheel painted half white, half black - to show them over both conceivable options)

Then, I finally ordered from a-England! I must say, this company is amazing! Adina is an incredibly kind person who takes an interest in her fans, and I'm definitely glad to support anybody like that. She's announced recently worldwide shipping is now free indefinitely! So go take advantage!

Above and below: Lady of the Lake, Tristam, and Merlin (two coats each)

And now.... drumroll please! Wet n Wild On the Prowl! (Confession: no, I didn't actually find these. It didn't look good for my area since we never get limited edition products, so I bought these off eBay)

Above and below: Ink Well, Buy Me a Drink, Ready to Pounce, Jungle Fever (one coat each)

And the glitters...

Above and below: Cougar Attack, Behind Closed Doors, Correction Tape, Tangled in My Web (one coat each)

And finally (for today) I ordered from Cult Nails when she had her Labor Day sale. Shipping was SO FAST. I ordered Friday and had them Tuesday, on a holiday weekend! Wow!

Above and below: Living Water, Let Me Fly, Awakening, and Iconic (two coats each)

 So, that's all for today! I'm still waiting on my Models Own order, which is annoying because a) I placed the order on August 23rd and they confirmed it then on the 28th told me I had to re-do it and b) because it's shipping from the same place as a-England, yet I got a-England a few days ago and they shipped days after Models Own. Hmph!

Which of these would you like to see as a mani, in a different combination, etc.?



thenailaholic said...

Awesome hauls! I can't wait to get my package from yoU! :)

Kirshten said...

Amazing Haul!! Im so jealous.. lol

duhnay23 said...

Woa girl! Great hauls! I won't even BEGIN how jealous I am that you have OTP, AE polishes are WONDERFUL! And I have Living Water & I LOVE IT!

Amanda said...

Thanks guys! Katie, I hope you like everything once it's arrived!

Anonymous said...

I love these kinds of post! Keep them coming! You got a lot of great things! I like how you swatch your glitters half with black and half with no polish!

Amanda said...

Thanks, I was trying to be economical ;)

Shannara said...

Wow looks great

Amanda said...

Thanks Shannara!