Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello ladies! Sorry I'm late posting today, it was just kind of a weird weekend and a weird day. Today's post features 5 polishes I mixed up myself using various polishes I had lying around. I swatched them on a nail wheel to show you, and I want your help naming them! I need a name for them before I wear them so I don't have to explain that I made them, just give a name ;)

The left is a deep pinkish red with some shimmer to it. The first blue is a light blue with lots of small glitter to it that is subtle and doesn't show up much in these pictures. Then we have a glitterbomb that is somewhat sheer but could be good layered featuring some of Wet n Wild Party of 5 Glitters (my favorite). The last blue is a deeper version of the middle one with much more of the base color and less glitter. Finally, the purple on the right has the LA Colors purple Dana sent me that was a nail fail on my guest blog post and some glitter and other good stuff.

So what can we name these lovelies? Can you think of a name for one or all of them?



duhnay23 said...

I'm a dork, so here's my name ideas for the blue on the far right & the purple - Leo (Leonardo) & Doni (Donatello) from TMNT!

Manicured Monkey said...

the pink one: berry margarita! (is it 5 o'clock yet?!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, these are great, but I am terrible at naming. Good luck!

Amanda said...

I like these ideas! I might name them after polish friends :)