Friday, September 23, 2011

Work Inappropriate #4 & Fried Koolaid

Hello girls! How are you liking this glitter series? Too much? Too often? Well, too bad ;) I have a few more planned as I top off my vacation so you'll get probably 3-4 more glitterbombs and I'll be back to normal!

Today I have a much sought after polish: Correction Tape by Wet n Wild from the On the Prowl collection. I'm stupid, though, and layered it over black when it contained black glitter. In the words of Homer Simpson: d'oh! Oh well, it still looked gorgeous!

After about a 18 hours, I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I put Love and Beauty (Forever 21) blue glitter over it:

 And then added their green glitter as well:

It was a little too far from the original at this point, so I just took it all off and started with another day of my glitterness :)

And finally, this is fried koolaid:

Those of you who read my tweets already know this (and lots of you were curious about it!) but I went to a fair (The Eastern States Exposition, or the Big E) which is here every year, and my friend Nikki (holding the container) bought Fried Koolaid for us to try. It looks so weird, but it's basically fried dough with koolaid mixed into it. It tasted like fried dough but a bit sweeter, and the aftertaste was like straight up koolaid mix. Weird, but not bad!



Amanda said...

I LOVE Correction Tape! Can't find it here. And fried Kool-Aid looks surprisingly tasty!

nicelyvarnished said...

Ah, my F21 doesn't sell anything from their beauty section :( They use to but stopped. This saddens me because this glitter is gorgeous! On another note..I can't find WnW Correction Tape..another gorgeous glitter!

Hope you enjoyed your fried koolaid haha

Anonymous said...

It looks so good over black. I like it with just one coat!

thenailaholic said...

I really starting to like Correction Tape. Darnit :(

Anonymous said...

I want that glitter!

Jacqui said...

Yay, I have Correction Tape on its way to me, I love what you did with it!

And O M G that fried kool-aid looks so amazing. Damn you and all your delicious fried foods =P

Amanda said...

I love correction tape, but it's not THAT unique. So everyone missing it, it's not the worst one to be missing out on, don't worry!

And the koolaid wasn't bad!