Thursday, September 22, 2011

Work Inappropriate #3

Hello again! Another day of vacation, another glitter mani :) I must say, it's been rough removing a glitter polish every day - but definitely worth it ;) Today's polish is one I bet is overlooked a lot, and I bought it off Amazon for about $2-3: Amour Rain Glitter. This is pretty similar in style to Mad as a Hatter: lots of multicolored glitter, really dense, can be worn alone for a glitterbomb.

Three coats (could have been okay with two, though)

Up close in sunlight
I must say I LOVED this mani. So fun and glittery and colorful. Lots of colors of glitters in this bottle: red, pink, silver, blue, and some others I can't quite pinpoint because I get overwhelmed with the sparkliness whenever I try to look :) For those of you who craved MAAH, pick up this guy! It's not a dupe by any means but definitely fulfills that dense multicolored glitter craving!



thenailaholic said...

Love the title of this series. I'm glad I can wear whatever polish I want to work :)

Jacqui said...

omg i love this!!! i have MAAH but i think i still need this one also =)

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh! Love this one! I am lucky to have a job that I can wear ANY polish!

Amanda said...

Thanks, it's a good one for $2! It is MAAH-esque!

Technically, I can wear any polish to work but I'm a therapist so it's weird if it's too crazy, I think!