Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BeadingMonkey Nail Polish Jewelry!

Hello girls! Today's post is a bit different, as I'm featuring some nail polish jewelry I recently bought from BeadingMonkey on Etsy, who is also known as Manicured Monkey, or just Kristin. There are lots of people making jewelry using nail polish now, but Kristin is one of the most affordable and one of the friendliest. She worked with me and offered suggestions throughout the process without giving me the impression she was too busy to go through all this with me. Kristin managed to get all of these things in one package: amazing product, great customer relations, and affordability. I ordered two pieces from her, but here's the one I wore first, a ring she made me using Sally Hansen Celeb City and black stamping which was $10 or $12:

Up close and blurry to show the sparkliness:

And finally, here's the wrapping she sends it in! A little customized note and ribbon, complete with monkeys :)

I might also mention, Kristin is super quick! She had the piece done for me within a day, posted a picture to twitter so I could see, and it was sent out and in my hands within 3 days!

Overall, this was a great experience. Kristin worked with me throughout the process to make sure I got a product I would love, and I do! The other piece I ordered is a heart pendant with a Forget You dupe, which is also gorgeous but I need to buy a chain for it first. I highly recommend checking out her jewelry on Etsy, or just visiting her blog and seeing the beautiful nails she does as well!



Manicured Monkey said...

aww, thanks for the <3 Amanda! I really like your pieces... good ideas !!

Amanda said...

Thanks so much!