Sunday, September 4, 2011

Color Club Holiday Collection Swatches!

Hey hey hey ladies! My post today is kinda special because it involves two of my favorite things: glitter (yummm) and new collections! These are from Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe holiday collection. I realize it's September 4th and I'm talking about a Christmas season collection, but deal with it. I rarely get to bring you collections first-ish (the only other time was Tronica) so I'm excited! Tell all your friends, tell your neighbor, tell your milkman! And if you still have a milkman, tell him to telegraph his best friend to let him know too! ;)

I ordered five of the six from (all except the gingerbread one because I just couldn't see myself using that color) and three came in. I'm a little disappointed that two were out of stock and they failed to indicate that, but I'm glad they sent the order without them rather than waiting on all of them to come in. So these are the first three I received: Holiday Splendor, Sugarplum Fairy, and Candy Cane.

Yes, I know what you're thinking: Is that glitter? In a holiday collection? And you would be correct. But no, Color Club likes to one-up ya, and they're gonna make it HOLO glitter in a holiday collection:

Le sigh. So beautiful. Nom nommmm. Here are some swatches with the bottles in the background, reverse order as above. (Candy Cane, Sugarplum Fairy, Holiday Splendor)

Candy Cane is the pink glitter on the far left. It's a very dense pink and silver glitter in a clear base. These swatches are only two coats, so I think CC could be built up to opacity for a holiday glitterbomb fest. I can't wait to wear this one!

Sugarplum Fairy, which you may notice is not plum colored, is a silver toned holo glitter in a clear base amazebomb (yes, new term). Lots and lots of holo glitter in this baby. Again, this is two coats so it's possible that this could be built up and worn on its own! <3

Finally, Holiday Splendor. What to say about this?! I love it. It was the one I was most on the fence about when I was ordering and it's the one I love most. It looks somewhat blue in the pictures, but it's definitely green in person and in the swatches, so use that for the color comparison. This one has a green base with the holo glitter in it, and it's gooooorgeeeeouuuusssss.

So what do you think of these three so far? As I said, two more are on the way and I also have the Color Club Backstage Pass collection (well, most of it) which I haven't heard much about but did seem to come out some time ago. I'm not sure if I just missed this one or if everyone did, but I like it a lot! I love everything about Color Club, so I have no idea how I missed an entire collection of glitters.


Irishenchantment said...

these are gorgeous! i love christmas so i don't mind christmas in september hehe

Nailderella said...

they are gorgeous!!
I'm a new follower, I came from Face&Friends! ;D

Anonymous said...

Great swatches! The collection looks like it is going to be a good one!

Amanda said...

Thanks! I can't wait to get the other 2!