Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Orly Sterling Silver Rose + Colorama Ruby Rays

Hey ladies! How's everyone's day going?! My boyfriend just bought an electric guitar so he's been off playing that a lot lately, meaning I have time to catch up with my blog! Yayyy!

Today's post is the clearance Orly I found and showed you guys recently, Sterling Silver Rose. It's a frosty pink with a nice shimmer to it, which you can see a bit better in the bottle but that crazy clearance sticker wouldn't come off. :( I put it on but, you know what? I wasn't crazy about it. I don't know why. It offended my eyeballs, it was too hot pink and too frosty and I was just blegh. So this is what it looked like at two coats:

Buuuuut, then I saw the bottle of Colorama Ruby Rays that Dana sent me. She was just peeking out on my desk like "oh, hey, well, you know, you could use me?" and so I took her up on the offer, and on she went! Here's two coats of RR over SSR. (SSR, whoa, that abbreviation just brought me right back to elementary school where SSR was Sustained Silent Reading, eeeeeek!)

RR is a gorgeous, red based flaky that Dana covets, and now I do too. It looked so good over the SSR! I'm so glad she popped out of my line of polishes that sits perpetually on my desk and told me to use her, because it made me dislike SSR so much less :)

Unfortunately, I did all this painting late at night so I have no outdoor pictures for you guys, but trust me when I say all that gorgeous flakiness translates on the nails and if you click on my photos to enlarge, you may get a glimpse of it ;)

What do you think of SSR? She's destined for my swap/blog sale pile, even though there's really nothing wrong with it, I just don't like the color on me. RR, however, is staying with me... FOREVER! Muahahahahaha *laughs evilly*



KarenD said...

What a great combo! I actually like the looks of SSR on its own--pretty but not too sweet.

Anonymous said...

looks great!

Amanda said...

Thanks! Karen, maybe we'll have to swap ;)

duhnay23 said...

I'm so happy you love Ruby Rays as much as me!!!!!!!! <3 IT's a must in every stash! :P