Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Hi again my lovelies! Hope all is well with you guys! I'm up to 25 followers now: thanks everyone! It's so rewarding to see that people are interested in my polishes and what I have to say. :)

Many of you have probably seen the trend for nail bloggers to do pink nails on Wednesdays, thanks to I couldn't hold out on the trend much longer and I LOVED this polish, so I thought it was fitting to show everyone. I picked a polish I have been holding off on for a bit: China Glaze Outrageous. The title itself made me think it might be a stretch for work, but it turned out not to be as bright as I expected and I did wear it to work one day. It's a bright, corally pink and looked so squishy! (You can see my pointer finger still refuses to grow and has been collecting polish under him. Sorry for the smudge of polish I failed to clean up!)

I really loved everything about this color, and off it went to live in my favorite nail polishes bin with my other soulmates. For the next day, I added Claire's Bedazzled, which you've seen before in my comparison to Milani Gems. It's a little hard to work with (hence sparkles besides on my nails) because it's a bit thick, but it's definitely workable and worthwhile. I actually have been considering a backup bottle of this polish because I love it so much and I turn to it often (read: whenever my polish is chipping or boring me).

This is two coats of Bedazzled and it just looked so fun. It reminded me of Funfetti cupcakes, which are by far my favorite. Do they remind you of anything?


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Arlyn Parker said...

I LOVE this mani!!! It looks like a girly party on your nails!!!