Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feather Locks

Hi girls! Today I decided to show you a little something different. Many of you may have heard of Feather Locks, which are the feathers that you can put in your hair. My sister works at a salon that does them, so I decided to have a few put in. I have a group of three on one side (with my deeper part), then one by itself on the other. These are the group of three:

They all have the black lines on them to look more like "natural" feathers, and the colors are off white, light salmon, and a lime green/yellow (in the center, kind of hard to see). They also come in solid colors, but I liked the black to make them more interesting, since the solid colors just look kind of like highlights. The cool thing about them is I can hide them under my hair if I need to look a bit more professional (like when I see older clients) but I can also wear them more out, like they are here. They stay in for as long as you want, although I have to go and have them moved up every so often as my hair grows out, but they are reusable (I've had these for about a month and a half now, but just added the greenish one - I can't tell a difference between the older or newer ones!).

Feather Locks clip in using a small bead that they string them through and then flatten the bead to hold it in place. My bead is blonde to match my hair color and help it blend in, but people don't notice it. (Most of the time, people think they're tiny braids.) The feathers can be washed, dried, straightened, whatever. I had them on my cruise too and they were fine in the salt water.

So what do you think, do you like having something different once in a while or should I stick to strictly nails? Do you like my feathers? :)



♥ Claire ♥ said...

How interesting! I thought they were tiny braids to start with aswell :)

Amanda said...

Most people do LOL or they say I have something in my hair. Once you get up close you can see the texture. Thanks for reading!