Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pixel Polishes

Hi all! Many people have been noticing the new brand that Ulta is now carrying, Pixel. A lot of these intrigued me on the website, so I ordered 6 of them while they were on sale for $1.99. Here are the ones I picked:

Left to right: Oh Pardon Me!, Ammazzin (not sure why they decided on that spelling...), Ouchy Wow Wow, Aqua-Escence, Oh Boy! (pink on the bottom), Oh Wow! (purple on top).

Below are two coats each except for Ammazzin which was one coat.

The shimmers: Oh Pardon Me!, Oh Wow!, and Oh Boy!

The solids: Aqua-Escence, Ouchy Wow Wow!, and Ammazzin.

I haven't tried them on the nail, but they weren't exactly what I was expecting. The shimmers all came out looking like holos on the website, and many of you may know how I feel about sheers: I dislike them. I think they might be pretty layered, but we'll see. I'm also disappointed at their size: only 5mL as opposed to a normal sized 15mL. I guess I should have read more closely! Ammazzin might be interesting since it's a one coater and I do like the color. They will have to work wonders on the nail for me to change my mind! ;)

In the meantime, I'm waiting on lots of fun stuff! My package from Dolores at Colorful Bottle should arrive any day now and includes Catrices, Essence magnetic nail polishes, holos, and glitters... all of my favorite things! And I broke down and bought 3 Nfu Ohs (63, 64, and 65/the holo pink, blue, and purple). So lots of goodies are on their way and I am excited to show you all! Which ones do you want to see first?


Bárbara ^^, said...

Cute brand!Where did you bought them?

Lovely blog, following!


Amanda said...

Thanks! I got them from Ulta :)