Saturday, July 16, 2011

OPI Stranger Tides

Hello again, my dear readers! Today I have the last of the OPI Pirates mini collection, Stranger Tides. This color was really... eh. It's kind of an ugly color, but it's pretty-ish, if that makes sense? I wanted really badly to like it (especially when Sparrow Me The Drama and Skull & Glossbones let me down) but it was like a khaki version of green and made me look kind of weird or diseased in some lights. However, I got a lot of compliments on it, so maybe I'm just paranoid.

 In artificial light.

With the light from outside.

As you can see, application wasn't awesome. The OPI mini brushes aren't the best but this is actually without cleanup so it didn't apply terribly, just unevenly. I didn't like it enough to keep it on for more than one day, so I kept it kind of imperfect, although nobody noticed except me (and probably you guys, since you're getting the super enlarged, in-your-face, up-close nail pictures).

What do you think? Was I too critical of the Pirates collection?


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