Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yet Another Purple Mani

Hi all! Quick post for today. Sorry for the purple-overload lately but.. well, too bad. More variety to come I promise! (I solemnly vow that the next post will not be purple...) When I was picking up my Charlie Sheen polishes at the Icing, I had to take advantage since the mall was an hour away and trips to the Icing are few and far between. So I scooped up some of their Chrome polishes in hopes that the metallic finish would dry quickly and in one coat for a good on-the-go mani. This is "Chrome Light Purple" (interesting name, huh?) and it pretty much lived up to those expectations. I used two coats to even it out and one coat of NYC In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Top Coat (whoa, long name much?).

Blurry, but very color accurate.

This picture shows the shimmer and the metallic finish. It dried really quick and the application was a breeze. Definitely recommend this line if you're into metallics!


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