Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nail De Royale

Hi ladies! As I mentioned some time ago, a company called Nail De Royale contacted me about reviewing some of their items and sent me some to review! Today I have some pictures of what they sent!

From left to right: purple star nail sprinkles by Isis, a "Hot Purple" nail striper, La Rosa black crackle, and Isis iridescent hollow heart sprinkles.

Here is the packaging for the nail sprinkles. They come in little handy plastic containers within plastic baggies. I love these little containers, they remind me of a lip balm container :) I was really impressed with how much attention they paid to packaging: the bottles of polish were wrapped in cling wrap to prevent them from leaking or breaking and then wrapped within bubble wrap.

And really quickly, I swatched their black crackle they sent and I really liked it. The coat on the left is very thin using my usual strategy of multiple swipes across the whole nail, which made tiny crackles. When I applied it like normal nail polish (from cuticle to tip in one swipe), it made the pattern on the right which I much prefer. Since OPI and China Glaze's crackles tend to require the first strategy, I was happy to see a brand that worked with the normal application. It dries quite matte, as most crackles do, but worked well with top coat. It also cracked really quickly, whereas some crackles take a while to crack.

What do you think? Will you be checking out

Tomorrow I'll be posting an extra special mani: my birthday mani! I'll admit, I haven't done it yet (my birthday is tomorrow!) so the pictures will be hot off the presses :)


These products were sent to me for review, but opinions are my own. For my disclosure policy, please click the link at the top of my blog.


Shieldmaiden96 said...

How do you use the sprinkles? I just got something similar from WetnWild that I thought might work for nails but I wasn't sure.

Amanda said...

You have to pick them up individually either by tweezers, or I use a q-tip that I wet slightly to pick it up by the body of the shape and then place them into the polish.

You can either put them into wet or tacky polish, or you can use a drop of nail glue. Then seal with topcoat and voila!