Monday, July 11, 2011

Organization Tactics

Hi ladies! Today I decided to switch things up and show you a little bit about what my stash looks like and how I keep my polishes in order. I'm always interested to see how people store their polishes and keep track of them, but I like to be a little outside the box.

I tried to keep up with an Excel spreadsheet, but I would forget to update it once and then totally forget what polishes I hadn't added. Or piles of unlogged polishes would stay on my desk, taunting me. Instead, I keep index cards with one coat swatches of all my colors. At this point, I've started a few cards for every color, but you get the idea. (I picked Pinks #2 because my handwriting is the nicest... which isn't saying much).

Next, I have strictly nail art stuff. Glitter, flakies, fimo canes, polishes for stamping, my plates, toothpicks for marbling... you get the idea. I keep these in little plastic containers that they sell marketed as shoe storage, but I think is perfect for nail storage :) I find these everywhere for a dollar, so it's a pretty convenient way to store. I also keep all my polishes in them (right now I have about 4 "shoe containers" full, with one being my favorite polishes, one untrieds, and two with polishes I tried but weren't favorites. I can take pictures of those if anyone is interested?)

Recently, I invested in a tackle box to hold all my nail essentials:

Here are the bottom two trays (the top two are base coats and cuticle oils- booooring). The top tray is all my glitter topcoats (a few missing, they're in my untrieds). Yes, I am fully aware that the right half is all silver holo glitter.I have a problem...

Below that is all my crackles, nail polish remover, and vaseline (more on that in a later post...).

What do you think of my outside the box (aka no Helmers and no Excel sheets) way of organizing? How do you keep organized?



Shieldmaiden96 said...

I love those rainbow stacking containers for nail art stuff! I just opened a pack of fimo fruit and ended up repurposing a tiny plastic divided container that hooks and eyes came in. (Think bra hooks. I also sew so I had a bulk package of them)
I organized my stash in much the same way at one time, but the collex outgrew my tackle box and my hinged-lid Sterilite containers and had to move the works to a three drawer Sterilite 'dresser'. I should have some kind of swatch system but I'm too lazy! I have a feeling some winter day when I'm snowed in I'll work on one.

Amanda said...

Hi there! Thanks for reading :) Slowly, I'm outgrowing my containers too, but I'm trying to stay within them for now since I'm still living at home and don't have much space in my room to work with. I would much prefer to have my swatches on nail wheels, but it's kind of an expensive process to do that, especially with so many polishes! But it's definitely a rainy/snowy day activity. :)