Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ulta Birthday Goodies :)

Helllooooo! (Said like Mrs. Doubtfire. Kudos if you grasp the reference.) Today I have part of my birthday gift from my boyfriend. My boyfriend is a lovely lovely man who gives me pretty much everything I want and has the manners of a saint (we've been dating for almost 5 years and he still opens the car door for me every time). So my boyfriend brought me to Ulta, and said "go crazy, I'm buying". No, seriously, he did. And the worst part? I had just ordered a bunch of stuff from so I couldn't even go fully crazy ;) Anyway, he did get me a bunch of goodies I was wanting including my first ever Butter London polish.

Behold, my birthday haul! Apologies for the picture's poor lighting and such. My boyfriend was over and I was trying to get a quick pic for you guys before he made me put everything away and go to sleep!

From left to right:
  • Ulta Material Girl: found quite by accident, Dolores and I are mid-giant cross-country swap and her friend requested OPI DS Extravagance. I found Extravagance, and then saw this. They are almost identical! I have a comparison post coming up for you guys so you can be the judge, but I honestly think the difference is so minute it's not worth paying the extra $5 for it.
  • butter LONDON No More Waity Katie set: This came with NMWK (my favorite polish name ever) and a bottle of Powder Room polish remover. It smells really nice, too, for some reason. (The packing, I haven't been huffing the polish remover, I promise.)
  • Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel: I am one of those unfortunate people that cries a lot. And even more unfortunate is that if I cry one single tear, my eyes are puff city the next day. So I'm hoping this eye gel will help with puffiness. Review to come, perhaps?
  • OPI Glam Slam: Grape... Set... Match! and Serving Up Sparkle!: I know, I know. Another OPI purchase. I give up. I'm sorry, I can't resist. I just needed this. Although I will say, Serving Up Sparkle looks kind of boring and almost exactly like one of my Maybelline polishes, so I'm a bit disappointed I had to buy them as a set.
So, what do you think? This was a bit early since my birthday isn't until the 22nd, but isn't he cute?