Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ulta A Tail of Two Cities

Hi girlies! (Ew, "girlies"? I need new synonyms for my greetings) How is everyone's week going so far? This summer is killing me: every day it's nice, I'm working! Ugh. Anyways, today's polish is Ulta, A Tail of Two Cities (at least, I think it is. Ulta doesn't label the bottles so the packaging says the names from left to right on the back, so I figure it's left to right looking at it from the back, but other blogs have it left to right from the front... so who knows. It's the pink one! haha). This is one of the mini polishes I showed you from the Under the Sea collection.

Here it is indoors:

And outside in the sunshine:

As you can see, this polish (whatever it's called) is a pinkish-red with gold glass flecks in it, a la Ahoy! by China Glaze. I liked the base color of this better than Ahoy! but both are gorgeous.

What do you think?


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