Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three eh NOTDs

Hi ladies! Sorry for my three-day hiatus. I'm back in school now (last semester of grad school! woohoo!) but that means my time has been severely limited. I'll post as much as I can, but my goal is 2-3 posts per week at the moment. However, I'll try to have several NOTDs/hauls for each week, and crunch them into those 2-3 posts. So hopefully you won't lose quality, just quantity...

Anyway, these are three of my NOTDs for last week. The first up is Misa, Glitz, Glamour, Smile for the Camera.

This was my favorite of the three. I applied it in a bit of a hurry, but the color was pretty: a deep, royal purple with some shimmer in it to make it interesting. I really love Misa polishes! This is about 2 coats I believe plus top coat.

Next I decided to do Zoya Veruschka, with Seche Vite on top to de-mattefy. This color is gorgeous and I loved it, but for Zoya saying they're the "longest lasting" polish out there, I was surprised how quickly I chipped. This flaked off in entire strips, much like glitter usually does for me. Next time, maybe I need to try it with a sticky base coat. Still beautiful though!

Meant to show the shimmeryness, but instead also showcases my bad clean up job... yikes.

Finally, we have Revlon Rock, a $1 polish I found at Big Lots. I had high hopes for this purple but was sadly disappointed. Let me give you the pros and cons. Pros: it looked like a pretty color in the bottle, it was $1. Cons: watery, runny formula; pooled at my cuticles; weird color on the nail - looked black and gray half the time; terrible application, bald spots even after 3 or 4 coats; not only chipped easily, but entire pieces in the middle of my nail scraped off. (That's the reason you're getting a rare, elusive look at my right hand - the left hand was in bad shape after less than 24 hours of wear!)

What do you think? Do you own any of these colors? Any you think I should give a second chance before they go in my swap pile?


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smileviolet said...

I love the green! it has a sparkly emerald-city quality to it (you know I love the Wizard of Oz!)