Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Shatter = Nail Polish Rescuer

Hey all! Today I have two manis I wore recently, both with Black Shatter over the top. The first is China Glaze's Fiji Fling, from one of their old summer collections.

My boyfriend actually picked this color for me to wear, but I must say I wasn't overly impressed. It was sheer (sigh, we all know how I feel about sheers) and therefore, I thought I might take it off immediately after he left (don't want to hurt his nail-polish-picking pride!). But I decided to try black shatter over it and I loved it! It really rescues any polish! Unfortunately, you can see my carelessness applying Fiji Fling underneath and I took the whole sloppy mess off after about a day.

Next, I decided to try Black Shatter over a glitter polish. OPI's Simmer and Shimmer was my victim, and the results were amazing! The glitter shows through, but the Black Shatter gives just enough intrigue to it to make it interesting. (Sorry for the random flecks of glitter on my cuticles, it's a real pain to clean up glitter!)

My original intention was that thick glitter like this tends to peel right off my nail, and it drives me nuts. I thought Black Shatter + topcoat would stop this... and it did, until it came about time to do this post and a small chunk (a piece of free edge with just glitter, where Black Shatter left empty), came right up! I use Nail Life Gripper as my base coat, but nothing seems to help grip glitter to my nails! Do you have any suggestions?


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I have tagged you today for the Blog with Substance Award :) This will be posted on my blog at 9:30 am.