Monday, January 10, 2011

NOTD: Orly Purple Pleather + Chameleon Calypso

Hi ladies! Sorry for skipping out on you for a few days. I work on Saturdays for a big chunk of the day and then I usually try to have a life Saturday nights and catch up on work Sundays... so I got a bit distracted this weekend! However, today I'll make up for it with not one, but two posts! I'll start with the first, my current Nail of the Day (NOTD).

I originally wanted to try Orly Purple Pleather, from the Plastics collection. I found it at Sally's on clearance for a dollar and I couldn't pass THAT up! So I put it on, this is two coats:

Cool, satiny finish... but I just wasn't a huge fan. Maybe it needed to grow on me... but I wasn't in the mood for a "growing on me" kind of polish, especially because I really wanted to try out Chameleon Calypso, but it was too sheer on it's own. Serendipity!

For those unfamiliar with Chameleon polishes (made by Scherer), they advertise that they are a different color in every direction. This polish is mostly purple, but appears gray, pink, and even green at times. I attempted to show you what I mean in the picture above, but it just wouldn't cooperate! But I insist, it does flash different colors. Even one of my clients noticed it today - a male! So, overall, I'm very satisfied with this find. It was about $2 but I got it on sale for $1 at Rite Aid with their buy one get one half off sale.

That's all for my NOTD, stay tuned for my next post: fimo canes!


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