Friday, January 21, 2011

Katy Perry and Black Shatter Swatches!

Hey ladies! As promised, here are the Katy Perry and Black Shatter swatches.

The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Black Shatter, Not Like The Movies, Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night, Not Like The Movies, The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream

I must say, I'm not too impressed with these colors. This was three coats of each, and three out of the four are barely built up, if at all. LFN and TD are more suited to be layered, if you ask me (and I hate layering polishes!). NLTM makes my fingernail look diseased here! If I had been patient enough to do more coats, they may have built to opacity better, but I think for 3 coats, they should be better than this! Maybe it's because my bottles are mini? I'm not sure. The colors are nice, but not by any means "must haves" or even that unique. My favorite is The One That Got Away, which is unusual since I'm not usually a red/deep pink person, but it is really pretty. What do you think?

Black shatter to the rescue! These look much improved to me with the shatter over them to give them depth and interest. To experiment with the design of the shatter, I used different techniques. The leftmost finger (my pointer, with LFN) I used a very thin coat and actually dipped the brush back and forth to leave very little on the brush. NLTM and TOTGA (middle and ring finger) I used one dip of the brush with a drop on the end and spread it out on the nail in one step. On the right (my pinky, TD) I used a middle sized drop in two swipes. As you can see, if you do it in one swipe, you get the "scraped off", cheetahish look, and multiple swipes seems to give you very small cracks. Both, I think, are pretty, but it would depend on how much of the color you wanted to show through on which technique you should use.

What do you think of Katy Perry and Black Shatter? I'm a big fan of Shatter. I can't wait until China Glaze comes out with their line of Crackle to pick up other colors! 



KarenD said...

I haven't seen these in person yet, so I'm waiting to decide. I'll likely get at least a couple of them because glitter is one of my weaknesses.

Amanda said...

Hi my lovely swap friend! Thanks for stopping by! Honestly, I can't say the collection was worth the money. I also am a glitter fiend and I found they just weren't opaque enough to please me or unique enough to be worth the price of OPI.