Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hello again! No swatches to show you yet (hi ho, hi ho, off to Cosmoprof I go...) but later I hope to have some Tronica and possibly Katy Perry! Until then, I thought I'd do something very new year-ish: my favorite nail polishes list. Am I the only one who thinks "new year" is synonymous with "superlatives"?

So here we go, my favorite red, pink, green, and blue (I don't have many oranges or yellows, so it didn't seem fair to include those categories):

  • OPI Log on to Love: an oldie, but goodie. I came upon this at work one day and decided I needed to buy it, so I did... and I'm so glad I did, because it is a perfect, vixeny, shimmery, perfect red. Did I mention it's the perfect red?
  • China Glaze Strawberry Fields: I have a lot of pinks, it takes a lot for me to narrow it down. But Strawberry Fields is incredible. Pretty summery pink with gold glass flecks? Yes, please.
  • China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses: From their most recent holiday collection, this was a beautiful polish. Perfect for the holidays, but I'm going to find ways to incorporate it in every season... somehow.
  • OPI Catch Me in Your Net: When I first started nail polish hunting, I saw this and passed. I didn't think I could pull off blue nail polishes... yet. Then I got brave, and I'm so glad I did because this color is gorgeous. 
Now onto purple, silver, gray, and black:

  • Color Club Wild at Heart: Color Club can make a fantastic holo. That's how three ended up on my favorites list! his is a deep purple holo that I just adored. I believe it may have even been my very first holo (aww!).
  • Color Club Worth the Risque: Silver holo... Color Club is after my own heart. I love this one so much it's one I avoid using because I don't want to use it all up! (That and I have a huge bin of unused nail polishes, whoops)
  • OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous: This polish is often remembered for it's silly name (I think it's kind of clever, actually) but I love it for the color. I got tons of compliments on this polish and wore it for two whole days during my one-day-polish phase!
  • Color Club Revvvolution: Black holo. Gorgeous.
And now for my own categories: favorite holo, favorite glitter, and favorite suede.

  • OPI DS Reflection: The color I will always regard as "so nice, I bought it twice"! Bought it online at the beginning of my obsession, then bought it again about a month ago (while talking to the saleslady about how I was passing up on OPI Burlesque colors because I thought I might have them at home - d'oh!).
  • OPI Mad as a Hatter: The bottle that started it all. Seeing this color on a client's nails was all it took for me to fall in love, and I had to have it. I searched high and low, to no avail. Then I started supplementing my collection with similar colors... and they got further and further from MaaH, but my collection began. I eventually was able to swap for this and Absolutely Alice on Makeup Alley, but I only ever got the minis.
  • OPI We'll Always Have Paris (Suede): Beautiful color, with such depth. I tend to hoard purple polishes, but this made my Top 11 of 2010 list, so you know it's good.
So what do you think? Any that you have and love? Have and hate? Ones you think I left out?


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