Monday, January 17, 2011

China Glaze Tronica Electra Magenta

Hi everyone! I was going to space my posts out a bit better, but I'm having a rather slow and annoying day and needed a distraction. At least this is productive, right? Right?!

Anyway, as mentioned last post, this is dedicated to a wonderful man who I recently lost, my boyfriend's grandfather. I was painting my nails last night when my boyfriend texted me "Grandpa passed away" and so this color is dedicated to him. (I could be really cheesy and write about how it sparkles like his personality, it's captivating like he was, and I love it like we all loved him... but I'll spare you. Oh, wait, um... nevermind, I guess.)

Here it is: China Glaze's Tronica Collection, Electra Magenta (two coats, no topcoat; pictures taken indoors in yellowish lighting unfortunately- but this is pretty true to color):

Here is my favorite picture, the only one that truly shows some of it's holographic qualities:

So there you have it, Tronica's Electra Magenta. A great color to correlate with a great man, rest in peace. What do you ladies think? Will you be picking up this color, or any of the Tronica collection? I didn't get the OMG collection so I'm pretty pumped for this one, China Glaze is by far and away my favorite nail polish brand (big 3 free, no testing on animals, and willing to go outside the box for colors and styles, unlike some other big companies *coughOPIcough*)? I'm sold.


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