Monday, January 17, 2011

Misa It's Electric & Jesse's Girl Confetti

Hi everyone! Here's my NOTD for yesterday and the day before. I started with two coats of Misa "It's Electric".

The name "It's Electric" is pretty misleading. Don't get me wrong, I love this color - but wouldn't you have expected a florescent, neon blue? I'm glad it wasn't since I'm sure that wouldn't have complimented my skin tone, but still! Anyway... This was one of those polishes that naturally dried to a satiny finish, but I'm still not thrilled about that particular finish. Matte or shiny, there shouldn't be an in-between! So I added Seche Vite for the look above and to force it to go to the shiny side.

(Side note: this was my first time ever using Seche (!!) and I must say, I was totally impressed. I had avoided it for a while as I thought my 99 cent topcoat was working fine, but now I've seen the light! ;) Shiny, dries fast, and the polish stays on FOREVER. Now I understand why everyone complained about glitter taking forever to take off, because mine always just chipped. Those days are behind me now, and I'm not the least bit sad about it!)

I wore the polish with the Seche for about a day but then I started getting bored with it. I decided to add Jesse's Girl Confetti, which was one of my Rite Aid finds. It's kind of a glittery, sheer, duo-chrome that complimented It's Electric perfectly!

In some lights it was purple, others dark blue, others light blue. Overall, very pretty! I'm not crazy about sheer polishes... I get upset because I like the color in the bottle to be the color on my nails, and 15 coats of sheer is not what I intended, nor is layering it over a different color. But this sheer was very pretty especially over this blue. It definitely gave it depth and made it more interesting, so I could wear it another day without being annoyed with my boring polish.

What do you think? Was it better before or after Jesse's Girl?

Next post will be dedicated to a very special man who passed away last evening, and I found out when I was painting my nails, so stay tuned for that (and it's a Tronica!).



smileviolet said...

Definitely after Jessie's Girl! Love the glitter! <3

Amanda said...

Hello there my love! Thanks for coming to read... I think you're right!

Anonymous said...

Do you know when it was made?

Amanda said...

Hi Arissa! I'm not sure when it was made, but I would say definitely in the past year, or they have it as one of their long-term colors.