Friday, January 21, 2011

January Hauls! (Pic heavy)

Hi ladies, this post is just to show you the hauls I've gotten in the mail recently. I still have a few Zoyas coming in and I'm going to post Katy Perry and Black Shatter swatches in a bit (tonight or tomorrow). These are various smaller hauls I got in recently. First, here's my 3 free polishes from Zoya:

Gloria, Veruschka, Ki

Same order as above, this is two to three coats each with no top coat.

Here is Veruschka with top coat... gorgeous. Do you like it better matte or with top coat?

Next, I ordered Katy Perry and Black Shatter from a website called MBeautyLounge. They specialize in the popular and hard to find collections, although their prices can be steep (due to high demand, but low supply - hey look, economics did come in handy!):

The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, Not Like the Movies

(Yes, I got the minis - I didn't love any of the colors enough to want full bottles, plus I never get around to using up a whole bottle of anything). I'll have better pictures and swatches of these later.

Finally, I ordered from, which I highly recommend. They have a minimum of $25 order, but everything you see here I got for $25.50! Plus, they're currently having a hearts sale, so all the little hearts are buy one get one free (you order whichever colors you want, they will automatically double whatever you have - so if you order 1 silver heart, they will send you 2 - don't order two unless you want four, get it?) until February 15. Better go stock up! They also had super fast shipping, I ordered this Wednesday and had it by Friday!

These are little, flat hearts you can stick into wet polish. (Pictures are clickable if you want to make them bigger)

Here's a close up of "Capri Blue Hearts", perhaps my favorite color of them all. Each package has 100 hearts in it, so I got two of each!

Same deal, except these are all stars instead of hearts (note: stars are not currently the BOGO deal, so don't get confused if you order!).

These are the other 4 colors. I got the 10 packages for $8.50 deal which included all the colors!

I also got some loose glitter, either for frankening polishes or sprinkling onto my nails for some added glitter. :) These were $1 each but they also had a bigger case of tons of colors, as well as pastel and various sizes of glitter available (these are the "micro glitter" style). On the left you see "laser lace" which is a sheet of lace-type metallic material that you can cut into smaller pieces to use for nail decor.

So what do you think? Do you plan to order from, or Which polish or nail decoration would you like to see me try?


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Arlyn Parker said...

I have been wanting to try foil for quite some time now (maybe over a year). But it keeps getting pushed back because I always find other things I want more...